The Charm of “Steven Universe”

I got a phone call the other day from a guy friend of mine and he confessed to me that he had done something bad.  When I asked him what he had done… Continue reading

What’s in a Person..ality?

I work retail, fashion retail to be exact.  My job requires me to be friendly and cheerful all the time while I’m there and to be helpful to the customers.  I am always… Continue reading

I Feel Like Crushing This DVD: A Review of the movie “Country Crush”

The other day I watched a movie with my mother that I found at Walmart after a friend told me she had found the same movie.  Now, I like country music and I… Continue reading

A Lesson in Paying Attention

Discernment is something a lot of people just don’t have.  By its definition, in a basic sense, discernment is the ability to judge things in the way that they should be.  That maybe… Continue reading

I’ve Got a Ticket for a Train Going to Nowhere

Once upon a time my hometown was quite the town to visit!  Of course, being the home of E.W. Marland, the 10th Governor of the state of Oklahoma makes it a bit more interesting.… Continue reading

Let’s Learn to Fly!

Every year Ponca City has one of the largest, most widely attended Veterans’ Day Parade.  You could say that my hometown loves the veterans and you would be correct.  It isn’t just that… Continue reading

Let’s Grow Up a Little

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will by now know about the new live action Disney remake of Beauty and the Beast that stars Emma Watson and Dan Stevens.  As of… Continue reading

My Favourite Banana Nut Bread Recipe

With autumn being here we now have access to a new batch of fresh fruits and vegetables.  It is also the time of the year that people seam to make more breads.  Today… Continue reading

Are You My Mother?

Earlier this year one of the most amazing thing happened on the New Nintendo 3DS!  The new games released on the Virtual Console brought a wave of delightful nostalgia to a lot of… Continue reading

Let’s Make Pomegranate Bread

If you follow the YouTube channel they you will notice that a video was posted today that shows you how to make Pomegranate Bread. If you don’t, I recommend you do since there… Continue reading