7 Helpful Hints for Weight Loss

Hallo fantastische Neue Preußen!

I hope you all are doing quite well. My school is almost out. We have nine more days of class. I am so very excited. You all know what that means. Days out at the beach, lake, and being out and about in general. For those of you who do not know, I recently went on a diet to lose some weight. Not that I am horribly overweight, but I could drop some pounds.  One of my friends, James, has also gone on a diet and I am so proud of him! He has lost so much weight by going on a healthy diet. You know one of those ones where you do not take a bunch of diet pills and starve yourself. He is such an inspiration to me and such a great guy.  So, today I am going to share with you some tips that have helped me lose some weight.  I hope you all find these helpful!
•A friend of mine recently took a job at a hospital and a cousin of mine is just now finishing up nursing school. Both have told me that the key to any diet is this: DO NOT MAKE SUDDEN CHANGES IN YOUR DIET! By this they mean, do not suddenly stop eating or shrink your potions drastically.  This will cause your body to go into starvation mode and you will actually put on weight because it is trying to compensate for a drastic change in its calorie intake. Instead, you should slowly decrease your portion sizes to give your body time to change.  This also makes it easier on you since you are changing a part of your lifestyle. The easiest way to shrink portion sizes is to cut out a snack or choose a more filling one like a handful of unbuttered popcorn.
•Strange as this one sounds, drink coffee and not the decaf kind. The caffeine helps with metabolism.  When I say coffee I mean plane black coffee with nothing added.  Not only this, but coffee has a bunch of really good benefits for you.  It has antioxidants in it that help fight cancer. Not only that, but it is a good pick me up when you start to feel tired.
•If you already drink coffee, but insist of having sugar and creamer in it a good way to slim down is to take out the sugar and cream.  However, if you just have to have your coffee sweetened and flavoured Splenda has you covered. They have flavour packets for coffee that have sweetener in them.  They are quite tasty actually. That is how I got myself off of drinking coffee with my cream and sugar. That being said, I am actually quite fond of European coffees. They brew them so dark and rich that I am not really sure you can really call it coffee.
•If you are not fond of coffee, then drink green tea! It is really tasty and has a bunch of antioxidants as well.  A really good way of brewing this is by filling a sun tea pitcher or jug with water and two small tea bags, or one large tea bag. Take some fresh peach slices and put them in there with the tea so that as the tea brews it flavours the tea and sweetens it naturally.  After the tea is brewed you can take the slices out and eat them.  Peaches also help you slim down! You can add any fresh fruit to your tea while it brews to flavour and sweeten it.
•Eat yogurt this includes the sugar free and non-fat frozen yogurt. Not only is it tasty, but it helps with digestion and helps you slim down.  That means treat yourself to some of that delicious stuff at your local frozen yogurt bar. Keep in mind that you should not pile on all those extras to the extent of mostly having toppings. Personally, I like the espresso flavoured frozen yogurt with almonds and kiwis at Cherry Berry. You can also replace ice cream during the summer with frozen yogurt! Regular yogurt comes in so many flavours it is not even funny. I like Greek yogurts.  I find that the texture of it is better than regular yogurt. I guess that comes from being European though.
•For the gamer nerds out there, this is for you! Do not feel bad, I too am a gamer nerd. I know we love to sit there in our super comfy chairs and play, but there is a fun and easy way to lose some weight while gaming. Ready for this? Sit on one of those giant exercise balls when you are playing. For this to work make sure that you are sitting up straight and have your feet directly in front of you. This makes you work to stay up right. So, not only is it good for losing weight, but it also helps with your posture.
•This is a very easy and helpful tip that helped me a lot. Drink less soda or cut it out altogether. I gave soda up for Lent last year and lost 15 pounds! Awesome! Because people drink so much soda today, cutting it out or reducing your  soda intake will help you slim down. Do not drink diet sodas! It contains ingredients that are known to cause muscular dystrophy. That is not good and you do not want it.
I hope this is helpful to you! It has helped me quite a bit. These are very simple changes to make. This is a great way of jump starting your diet or keeping some of the weight off once you have lost it.
Until next time!