Things I’m Thankful For! Day 3

It is time for day three of this challenge!

I am really thankful for my friends!  All of them!  Why?  Well, because they are all amazing.  As mentioned in my last post, I have a Melancholic Temperament and that makes it sort of hard for me to make friends.  The friends that I have are very precious to me.  I the small town that I live in there are really not a lot of people that share the same interests that I do.  Even in my family I am sort of the odd ball.  Not that my family does not love me, but I still am the odd one in the bunch.  I think it is mainly because I am the youngest one in the group.  The funny thing is that despite this, I have found a friend at my church that I shares some of the same interests that I do.  We both enjoy British TV and movies, similar authors, and amazingly we both enjoy international food.  It was nice to discover that there was someone else that enjoys the international food that I get in!  For so long I sort of felt out of place eating British sweets, drinking coffee from Germany, and reading as much as I did.  I would have never met this friend of mine had I not joined our church choir.  Truth is, I almost did not join the church choir despite my love of music and desire to still be involved in choir even though I was not a music major any more.  The reason for this was because, as I have already mentioned, I am very introverted and am horrible at making friends.  Joining choir at my church was a way for me to get more involved in my church by starting with something that I was comfortable with, music.  Now I am on not only in the choir, but I am also on the decorating committee, and help in the nursery.  I sure have come a long way from being so shy that I would get all jittery just talking to people I did not know from Adam’s house cat. 

So, today I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all of my friends.  I really do not say it enough, but I am really thankful for all of you.  You have all had a small piece of bringing me out of my shell.

Until next time!

Stay wonderful and beautiful!