Things That I’m Thinkful for! Day 21

Hello everyone!

Today I am thankful for the lovely store called Hobby Lobby in Oklahoma and the surrounding states.  I honestly do not know if they are in states that are farther away from Oklahoma since the company is based here.  What is so wonderful about this store?   Well, let me tell you.

Hobby Lobby is the only fabric store in the city where I am from.  Well, unless you count our quilting store.  When I say fabric store I mean store where I can get large amounts of fabric for making clothes.  I am also able to get almost anything to make clothes and other crafts.  It is amazing.

So, it if you live in the states around Oklahoma or in Oklahoma, I recommend that you pay this store a visit for your crafty needs.  Fair warning though, Hobby Lobby is not open on Sundays.  So, make sure you get your crafty goods Monday through Saturday.  Also, you can go to their website and get a weekly coupon that you can use.  Awesome!

Until next time!

Stay wonderful and beautiful!