Things I’m Thankful For! Day 27

Today is a going to be super busy for me since we are getting ready for the holiday season!  So busy in fact, not just for me, but for pretty much everyone States side of the Atlantic that my home church had our usual Wednesday night service last night.  That was more than okay with me.  It was nice to see people that were back in town for the holidays and I got to meet some new people.  Overall, yesterday was pretty eventful and I do not think it will slow down until after the first of the year.  That does not mean that I will be posting irregularly.  On the contrary.  I will be working my tail end off getting things up for you all to read.  Enough of my rambling.  On with the actual post!

I am thankful for the amazing photographers that I know.  I know several people that do photography professionally.  They are amazing!  I take pictures and have taken photography classes.  I also know my way around basic photo editing software, but not like some people do.  It baffles me that they can take a picture of something so simple and make it look like it is the single most important thing on the planet.  I could never do that in a million years.  Sure, I have the fancy camera that I could feasibly take pictures like that with, but for some reason I cannot.  Set me down in front of a blank canvas and give me some paints and a brush and I will paint you a picture.  They can do that with a camera in less time than it takes me to set everything up.  I look up to those people and I am hoping to get some pictures taken that actually look like they are professionally done.  I have a person in mind and I just need to get everything situated and planed out.  She is an amazing photographer and she goes to my church.

So, today, I am thankful for the artsy photography people!  Thank you photographers!  You can do what a lot of us cannot do.  You can capture special moment in such a way that the rest of us can sit back and relive those moments for the rest of our lives.

Stay wonderful and beautiful everyone!