Fun Fact Friday: Being a Gamer is Good For You!

When was the last time that you all played a game?

The last time that I played a game of any kind was last night when my friends and I had a game night.  I come from gamer stock naturally.  I am serious, my big-wig attorney uncle is a gamer.  My mother is a gamer.  A lot of my nieces, nephews, and cousins are gamers.  It is just the way that we are.  Most people have a stereotypical gamer in their mind as some fat, lazy, slob that lives in their parent’s basement eating Cheetos all day.  Not all gamers are like that.  In fact, I do not know any gamers like that.  In fact, most of the people that I know that call themselves gamers are of relatively average in size, have really good paying jobs, and are neat freaks in their own homes.  So, what about being a gamer is good for you?  Several things really.  I have read about it in several science journals and in a few gaming magazines.  Yeah, the gaming magazines might be a bit biased, but I am more likely to believe them about this because I saw the same things in the science journals and they sited those journals.

First off, and this one is fairly obvious when you think about it, gaming improves hand-eye coordination.  Those little joysticks and buttons take some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it you can really do a lot of damage to whoever your are playing against or the level boss.  The funny thing about that is that despite how much butt I kick playing my games, I still am a really slow texter.  I know several people like that actually.  Maybe there is something to that.  Either way, having better hand-eye coordination will make you better at certain tasks at work and can, eventually, get you better paying jobs.  Who does not want a better job?

You get better at solving puzzles and problems.  It is true!  Think about it.  When you are playing a game, most of the time there is some form of strategy and you have to figure it out before you can advance or in order to get more points.  When you are playing against someone you have to figure out their strategy and form your own to counter act theirs.  It can get quite complicated if you are playing against hardcore gamers.  Some games allow you to choose how difficult the levels are.  That means you have to think quicker and form your strategies that much faster.  Getting something done on a hard level takes a whole different strategy than getting it done on a novice level. 

Oddly enough, gamers have a lot less stress and do not have as many nightmares as non-gamers.  What better way to relieve stress than pummeling the baddie until he is an unconscious heap on the ground and saving the defenseless villagers?  None that I can think of.  Speaking of the baddies, a lot of them are pretty weird or scary looking.  If you do not think that overcoming those things can make someone believe that they can over come the monsters in their dreams or their problems in the world then you are sadly mistaken.  Several gamers that I know, myself included in that, use gaming to escape their problems of the world.  Being able to just whoop Sephiroth’s butt really makes you feel like you have over come something.  When I was younger, beating Sephiroth was a big deal since most of my friends could not do that.  Of course, then he had to come back and was in the Kingdom Hearts games and even though he was an optional boss, I felt the need to give him another well deserved butt whoopin’.  People that game are not as stressed and that means that they are less likely to get nightmares or have problems sleeping.

Overall, gaming seems to be a good thing.  It keeps the mind sharp and reduces stress.  Also, with the age that we live in gaming does not have to be a solitary activity and there are a plethora of board games and table top RPGs to choose from in addition to the many video games that allow you to play over the interwebs with your friends.  So, go out there and play a game.  It is fun and will help you keep your stress level down.

Until next time everyone!

Stay lovely and beautiful!