Attractive Amethysts

Happy Birthday Everyone Born in February!

People born in this cold winter month get to enjoy the lovely purple Amethyst as their birthstone.  Amethyst, like Citrine, is a variety of quartz.  That being said, most would not think there would be much to say about it since a lot of information was covered in the post on Citrine.  However, Amethyst actually has quite an interesting history.  So, let us learn some more about this lovely purple stone.

To the Greeks and Romans, the Amethyst gem was said to protect the person wearing it from becoming intoxicated.  This is the reason that the name of the stone comes from the Greek “a-” meaning “not” and “methustos” meaning “intoxicated”.  There have been some containers that were made of the stone in hopes that drinking from it would prevent the drunkenness.  I am not entirely sure that helped.  Is Amethyst that soft of a stone that it is easy to make bowls from?  Actually, yes, however, it is strong enough that you can make jewellery from it and not have to worry too much about it breaking.  Quartz is a pretty tough stone after all.  In fact, this carved Amethyst that was at one point in the Treasury of Sainte-Chapelle has been around for quite a long time and has minimal damage to it.  Egyptians have been carving these purple stones since ancient times.   Amethysts have been found all across the globe.  They have been found in England dating from the Anglo-Saxon times in graves.  They have also been fond in Brazil, Uruguay, Austria, Russia, and all across the United States and Canada! 

Since Amethysts are fairly easy to find they are not overly rare.  Very fine quality ones are, but even they are not horribly expensive in terms of gem prices.  This also means that they are not really faked in jewellery.  I have seen a few purple Cubic Zirconias working at the jewellery store, but not that many.  In the past it was different.  Until the mines in the Americas were found, the price of an Amethyst were up their with Diamonds.  There are a few that can get pretty expensive because of their dark, rich colour.  These are called “Deep Russian” Amethysts.  As the name suggests, they are found primarily in Russia.  Even they are at a lower price than the “Pigeon’s Blood” Rubies though.  

What colour of metal does Amethyst look the best in?  Well, since the stone is purple, it tends to look the best in rose gold.  Why?  The pink colour of the gold makes the stone really pop.  I mean it looks amazing in rose gold.  The pink sort of mutes any greenish hues in the stone.  This will make the stone appear more vibrant. 

So, enjoy your birthday February babies!  You all are lucky enough to have a birthstone that is versatile in terms of how it can be used in jewellery and other carvings.

Until next time!

Stay lovely and beautiful!