Fun Fact Friday: Necklaces and Lavaliers

Happy Friday everyone!

So, now that we have established what a pendant is in the last post.  What exactly is a necklace and how does it differ from a pendant?  Also, what the heck is a lavalier?

To answer the question of what a necklace is: a necklace is a highly ornamented form of jewellery worn around the neck.  Necklaces are one of, if not the, oldest form of jewellery.  Necklaces usually have many drops.  There is always a main drop called the pendant.  The only exception of this is a pearl necklace which may simply be a single or multiple strand of pearls.  Most pendants are designed to look like lace.  In the past necklaces were worn more frequently.  Today.  They are seen as an accessory to formal wear.  The only time I have sold an actual necklace is for a wedding.  Girls will wear them to high school prom or other formal dances as well.

Now on to that funny named piece of jewellery.  A lavalier is a piece of jewellery that is also worn around the neck.  It is not as formal as a necklace, but more formal than a pendant.  The easiest way to tell a lavalier apart from a pendant or a necklace is that it has only a few drops and they are not free floating on the chain, cord, or strand of beads.  They are attached directly to what they are on and cannot be removed.  These are usually worn to semiformal events. 

Until next time everyone!