Fun Fact Friday: Armageddon Part 2!

It is Memorial Day Weekend everyone!

It is time for part two of our discussion on Armageddon.  We now know that it is a mountain and not a battle, but if it does not reference a battle, does it have anything to do with battles at all?  Yes, it does.  The area around Megiddo is perfect for battles.  This week’s Fun Fact Friday is about what makes the area around this tel so perfect for battles.

Remember the picture that was posted in the post on Wednesday?  Around Tel Megiddo is a vast plain called the Jezreel Valley.  A part of this valley, specifically the part closest to the tel, is referred to as the Plain of Megiddo.  It is huge.  Just to show how large it is, this picture below is a panorama of a portion of the valley.

There have been several battle at the area of Megiddo.  In fact, there are battles that are described as far back as 1457 BC in Ancient Egyptian texts.  The 1457 BC Battle of Megiddo was the first described use of the compound bow!  That is not the only important historical battle there.  The most recent battle at Tel Megiddo was the Battle of Megiddo in 1918.  Yep, World Ward I history people will know this as the battle where English General Allenby led the Allied troops to victory over the Ottoman military force.

So, there you have it.  This week you have learned what Armageddon means.  You should know now that when Revelation 16:16 says that it is called Armageddon in Hebrew, that text is wrong.  In Hebrew it is har məgiddô which became Harmagedōn when used in the Greek New Testament.  That went to Latin and became Armagedōn because apparently those lovely hard “h” sounds are not romantic.  I beg to differ with that since I do not like Romance languages.  From the Latin it came to English to finally become Armageddon.

Until next time everyone!  Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend!