Music Monday: “Classic”- MKTO

Alright, I will admit it, this song has been on repeat on my car’s stereo for a while now.  I really love this song.  The first time that I heard this song I thought it was really catchy.  What song is this?  MKTO’s “Classic”.   Have a listen.


So, what makes me love this song so much?  Well, listen to the lyrics.  Sadly, this world has pretty much gone plastic.  You all have no idea how many girls come into the jewellery store where I work that ask for “white gold with a princess cut diamond” engagement rings because their best friend has one just like that.  Seriously?  Do most people not have a mind of their own?  Oh well, I cannot complain too much.  I do however wish that we sold more than just that.  Also, people will go out and buy clothes just because they are the in thing.  That may not be a good thing.  Just because it is fashionable does not mean you should wear it.  I, for example, do not look good in pencil skirts.  I just do not.  Those are for girls with no hips.  I have hips.  I do not look good in them.  However, I do look good in the clothing styles of the 1940’s.  The video for this song is cute.  I love the way it is put together and the guys are so cute in the video.  The thing that I find amusing about all this is that the video came out at the beginning of last summer.  I had not heard it on the radio or seen the video on the telly until this summer.  Funny how things work out like that is it not.  Probably one of my favorite things about this video is that they guys are dressed in suits.  I love a man in a suit.  They look so classy.  Of course, I am not the only one that thinks this way.  Most gals love a man in a well-tailored suit.

On a different note, I have received quite a few letters from people over in the Dutch speaking region of the world asking if I spoke Dutch recently.  Not entirely sure as to the reason behind the spike in readership in that area, but I am really excited about it!  To answer that question, yes!  I do speak Dutch!  I may even do some posts in Dutch if you all would like.  Just drop me a line if that is something that would interest you all.  I know there are a lot of Dutch speakers out there and I would love to give you all something to read in Dutch!

See you all next time!