Music Monday: “American Girl”- Bonnie McKee

In honour of my end of summer adventures, let us do a fun party song!

This is another song that came out last year that I have not heard on the radio until recently and I love it.  This song gets stuck in my head every time that I hear it.  Yes, I have heard it before this year.  I have had it on my iPod since last summer when it came out.  This song is definitely a party song for girls in the States.  It is fun to sing to and dance to.  The catchy tune just makes you want to sing along.

The video is so much fun to watch.  Also, yeah, my friends and I have actually changed clothes in a car.  I went to an all women college.  What can I say?  It happens.  The funny thing is that when I went to Cottey College I actually did own a Mustang convertible.  It was a 2002 and it was white.  Yes, I could legitimately work on it myself too.  I never made it explode though.  I needed that car to get to and from the store and to get home on breaks.  That is when I was not in Europe on break.  That was fun.

Do I blare this song loudly when it comes on the radio or my iPod when I have it in my car?  Of course I do!  Why would I not?  It is a fun party song about being a girl in America.