Music Monday: “Maps”- Maroon 5

A bit of a warning about this first video.  Do not watch it if you do not do well watching shows with blood in them.  You know, crime shows, “Dexter”, and things along that line.  Watch the second video below if you want something that does not have that sort of stuff in it.

If you were expecting a happy, feel good, makes you want to get up and dance song from Maroon 5’s new album, this is not the song you are looking for.  In fact, this song sounds more like the music from the first album.  I love it!  The last couple of albums have sounded a bit too poppish for my liking.  Do not get me wrong, I do like pop music.  I am just not overly fond of my rock bands doing pop music. 

This song is hard.  By that I mean that it is hard to listen to.  Adam Levine was one of the writers on the song, Ryan Tedder was also involved, and boy do they hit you hard right in the gut with this song.  You really need to listen to the lyrics to get what it is talking about.  The C-sharp minor key that it is mostly in really makes the former music major person in me take a step back and go “woah”.  Songs are not usually written in this key and the ones that are usually have some sort of sadness behind it.  “Broken Wings” by Mr. Mister,  “Message in a Bottle” by The Police,  “Because” by the Beatles, and “Into the Void” by Black Sabbath are all written in this key.

The official music video though.  Wow… That is all I can say about that.  While it compliments the song, it is a bit too rough for my taste.  I say rough because it is a roller coaster ride of emotion worthy of a season of “Supernatural” all compiled into one convenient three and a half minute long video.  It is sort of sad and watching Adam Levine as the lead male in the video makes me want to cry because he is just so darn cute.  Also, I am very glad that his hair is back to brown in the video.  He does not make an attractive blond.

Here is the lyric video for you all that want the lyrics or want a video without the blood.