Music Monday: “Bang Bang” – Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj

Okay, can we please stop playing this song yet?  It was a cute, poppy song the first few times that I heard it.  Now it is just annoying.  I hate it when radio stations play songs that have the potential to be good and then just ruin them by playing them over and over again.  Sorry, when it comes to songs like this they can get real old, real fast.  The sad thing is, this song I genuinely liked when it first came out.  I heard it, maybe once every other day on the radio.  Now I hear it about once an hour.  It is to the point that it almost grates on my nerves as much as “Happy” by Pharell. 

The official music video was posted online last night.  The song itself is sort of provocative, but oh holy calamari that video.  Is it just me or do about 90% of all Disney or Nickelodeon female stars become total skanks after they leave their respective stations?  My jaw hit the floor when I saw this video.  Nicki Minaj is one thing.  Jessie J has her moments, but in general is not skanktastic.  I was slightly horrified by Ariana Grande though.  Umm…you have some really young fans.  Why are you acting like a whore with a bunch of male strippers around you?  Did you learn that from Miley?  Seriously though, this music video is awful.  Maybe if Ariana Grande was not involved it would not be so bad, but she makes me want to puke a little.  If you are going to reinvent yourself like that, at least wait until your young fans are old enough to not want to be you anymore.  You know your video is bad when Nicki Minaj is not as raunchy as you.  Do not get me wrong, I love Nicki Minaj.  However, Nicki Minaj has always been like that.  In fact, had nobody said anything about a “wardrobe malfunction” last night on her part, I would have thought that Nicki was just being Nicki.  Nicki does not have the pre-existing Disney or Nickelodeon fan-base that wants to watch her and idolizes her the way that Ariana Grande does.