Super Post! Star Wars Edition!

My apologies everyone! I have been so busy these past few weeks that the time has gotten away from me a bit and my posts have become irregular. However, I am hoping that has sorted itself out. At the moment I am at one of my former places of education doing some guest lecturing. Huzzah! Fun stuff let me tell you. I am sure that you all are wanting me to stop rambling and actually get on with the post. Alright, alright, today’s post is a bit nerdy and something that my Dutch speaking friends get a bit miffed at when this word is attributed to a different language. It also shows off my nerdiness. What exactly is this word that makes me sound like a total nerd in almost all ways? That word is vader.

Yes, you read that right. Today we are talking about dear old vader. Thanks to several shows and movies, the first one that comes to mind is Pitch Perfect, this word is often thought of as a German word. It actually is not. Vader is a Dutch word. I will say this much, it does in fact mean father. In German the word is actually vater. A bit of a difference and depending on what part of their respective countries, they may end up sounding very much alike. However, to be consistent with the spelling, vader is a Dutch word. This means that if you know anything about the Dutch language, this would quite possibly be one if the biggest spoilers in cinematic history. If the movie was set up any other way that is. As it stands, that is something that I saw coming a mile away when I first saw the movies as a child. Of course, being a language nerd my whole life and being a polyglot does lend itself to seeing that spoiler in the first appearance of the character of Darth Vader. I mean he had to be somebody’s father with a name like that.

Since I have to jet off to my classes, that is all for now. I will, fingers crossed, get back on a normal posting schedule. Until next time!