Music Monday- “Already Home”: A Great Big World

Have I ever mentioned how much I love the band A Great Big World?  I do, so much.  They have a very unique sound and a unique look to them.  I mean Ian Axel looks like a young brown haired Art Garfunkel.  In fact, they do kind of remind me of Simon and Garfunkel.  The reason that today’s post is not in the morning is because I have had a bit of a stressful situation develop in my life quite suddenly.  So, because of that, this particular song is the one that popped into my mind for Music Monday this week.

Man, this band really knows how to pull at your heart strings.  Seriously, this song and the song they are most known for are both the kind that make you want to cry a bit.  This song is so beautiful though.  So, in a way it is a happy song in a round about way.