“Break Free”- Ariana Grande Feat. Zedd

Have I mentioned how much I love Zedd?  I do.  I really really love him.  Have I ever mentioned how much I am really not a fan of Ariana Grande?  In case I have not, I really do not care that much for her.  What has spawned my dislike of this girl?  It is not that her music is necessarily bad, but I really have issues with Disney or Nickelodeon stars that go from being kids roll models to being slut-bags in seemingly a blink of an eye.  I just really think that is trashy and inconsiderate of them.  The video for “Break Free is confusing and trashy on so many levels.  Haven’t seen it yet?  Here you go.  Keep in mind, they actually show this video on the Disney Channel. 

Yeah, parents, your kids are watching crap like this on Disney.  What does that say about what the channel is marketing to your kids?  Not a whole lot.  Of course, I have a love-hate relationship with Disney.  That is for another day though.  This video has only one redeeming feature that I can find and that is Zedd happily dancing and doing his thing in the last minute of the video.  Seriously,that dude is super cute and happy looking.  He looks like he is enjoying what he is doing.  Ariana just looks like she is trying to be as slut-tastic as she can be.  I am starting to think that she is an aspiring stripper.  I do not think that I have seen anyone strip in their videos/ have strippers around them in their videos as often as this girl.  You are supposed to be a role model for kids Ariana.  Last time I checked even the most scuzzy parents did not want their kids to grow up to be strippers and whores.   Also, what exactly are you supposed to be?  Are you a spy?  Are you an escaped sex slave?  Based on the rest of the video I am going with escaped sex slave.  My only question is about that would be: why does an escaped sex slave have Madonna/Katy Perry like missile breasts?  I am also wondering why all the evil wizards seem to be old Asian men with long Fu Manchu moustaches.  That is borderline racist.  I get the red string bracelet is said to ward off misfortune and bring blessings.  She may have decided to convert to Judaism, but she has absolutely no business practicing Kabbalah at her age.  Last time I checked you were to be over the age of 40 and have a “belly-full of knowledge”.  Does she have any of that?  Well, based upon her actions, I would say no.  I cannot even practice Kabbalah and I have several college degrees!  As such, I have quite a bit of an issue with this.  If you are going to convert to a religion, at least learn how to practice it properly.  If you try to get into Kabbalah without knowing in great detail about the rest of your religion, convert or not,  you are going to misinterpret it and do more harm than good.  Sorry, but even I have to be careful about doing my readings in the Gnostic texts and one of my degrees is in religious philosophy.  This video is so confusing on so many levels.  I cannot exactly figure out what is going on.  One minute she is shooting aliens with guns, the next she is blasting robots with her boobs, and then she ends up at a rave with a bunch of other escaped sex slaves.  It left me scratching my head and going huh?  What did I just watch?  Whatever, it ended with adorkable Zedd.

Now that I have gone on a rant about her video and her in general, I will be a bit more kind.  I actually do kind of like this song.  It was written by Zedd himself, along with Max Martin and Savan Kotecha.  That is probably why I like it.  The first time I heard this song on the radio, I had no idea that it was Ariana Grande singing it.  Seriously!  No idea.  If I would have known it was her I would have changed the station.  It sounds nothing like what she normally does.  It is catchy and fun to dance to.  Zedd seems to be the savior of the song because, honestly, I have heard the acoustic version and I really hate it.  It just flat out does not work as anything other than a dance anthem.  You would hear this kind of music at a club,  not at a coffee shop being sung by an up-and-coming indie artist.  So, sorry, not a fan of the acoustic version.  For once, this is not one of her songs that makes me want to enjoy my lunch twice.  I can listen to it without feeling like I want to change the channel.  It is not overplayed, at the moment.  I feel like it is not one of those songs that will be either.  People just are not as into the electronic dance music.  I am honestly not either.  Zedd’s music is just that good.  It really does say a lot about his ability as an artist.  He is able to make someone that I normally cannot stand and make them bearable.  Kudos to you Zedd.  You can write some amazing dance anthems and empowering songs that you just cannot help but play loudly and sing along to.  That being said, there is one line that bothers me.  It never bothered me before I saw the music video.  It was one of those moments when I was listening to the song and singing along, but not really paying attention to what the words were.  That line is the first line in the chorus.  You know, the line that goes like this:  “This is the part where I say I don’t want it…”.  Umm…excuse me?  You do not want what?  Based upon the video above I am, once again, going with sex.  Is this song about rape?  The rest of the song does not seem to indicate that at all.  The video sort of implies that though.  Now, before you all freak out, I do realize that the song is about being strong enough to be your own person and not care about what others think.  You do not need all that negativity.  I realize that.

In short, the song is wonderful and empowering on its own.  What is not so wonderful is the video.  The video makes the song seem like it is saying something it is not.  Also, showing this video on Disney really calls into question the integrity of children’s telly for me.  It really does!  Why do we want our children watching this?  I was appalled when I heard that.  I figured someone was just spreading gossip, but it is true!  I saw it just flipping through the channels!  Really Disney?  I get that times have changed, but that is not appropriate at all and you debuted the freakin’ thing!  Yes, the debut of this on the telly was on the Disney Channel!  No lie!  They are proud of that.  I guess that should be expected though from the channel that brought us Miley Cyrus.