The World Needs More People Like Matt Cohen

Do you have Instagram? I do. I did not get one until I got my iPad last month. That is why some of the articles on here are not in the usual colour since I can now post on the go. For those of you who have never heard of Instagram, it is a photo sharing social media app. Think of it as being sort of like Twitter. Your pictures are square and can only be so big. It gives you some filters and things to make you pictures look a bit more interesting, but for the most part I do not really use them. So, what does Instagram have to do with this article? Simple, had I not signed up for Instagram I would probably have not discovered the amazing human known as Matt Cohen. Who the heck is he? Well,muon are about to find out.

Most people who know who Matt Cohen is will know him as playing the young John Winchester on the show Supernatural. Honestly, I would probably not have even thought twice about him until I was reading something that one of my friends sent me the other day. It had several pictures of people mentioned in the article and Matt Cohen was one of them. The picture was from Instagram and, being the curious and new to Instagram person I was, I clicked on the show on Instagram button. Now, most people use their Instagram to show off pictures of themselves, their family, their friends, places they’ve visited, and their adventures. Matt Cohen seems to use his in a remarkable way that I did not expect of someone that the world has deemed a “celebrity”. Yes, he posts pictures and videos of himself and those around him. However, unlike most people he also posts inspirational quotes and videos. In general he posts things that make people feel good and want to do good for others. It is amazing. I had stumbled upon this treasure of the Supernatural cast that I knew about, but really did not know that much about.

So, why do I say that the world needs more people like Matt Cohen? Simple, he is not your stereotypical celeb on social medial. He knows how far reaching the Supernatural fandom is. People that love that show will follow him on the various sites and share with their friends and family that may not be a part of the fandom the inspirational blips that posts. Having a bad day? Go check out his Instagram. Want to watch a short video that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Go check out his Instagram. For his birthday the other day he went around doing random acts of kindness and putting notes saying “you’re awesome” on random people’s cars for them to find. Yep, he even encouraged his followers to do the same in honour of his birthday.

In a world filled with Justin Beiber like celebs and Kardashians, Matt Cohen really stands out as something special in terms of role models. A lot of the cast of Supernatural does. While the show may be a bit too scary for the kids, the cast is loveable and not just as their characters. These folks seem to understand that the show would not be as popular or where it is today without their fans. They love and appreciate them. Even the people that play a minor character, or only appear as that character for a few episodes. They use their popularity and that of the show in general for good. I mean does he really have to post what he does? No! He does anyway because it will inspire people.

Want to find him on Instagram or other social media for random inspiration throughout your day? You can find him by going to his site