Music Monday- “Animals” by Maroon 5

It seems like everyone is talking about this music song and video. So, I guess I’ll throw in my two cents. If you are like me and are not fond of seeing blood, real or not, then do not watch this video! I am warning you now so you do not get mad at me later.

Okay, Adam is cute with glasses on, I’ll admit it. That is pretty much the only thing I can really say about this video that I really liked. The video is weird in a disturbing way. I did not like it at all. Oddly enough, it is not the whole stalker thing that got to me. The reason for that I will get to on a moment. The part that got to me was all the blood in it. Yeah, I get that it goes along with the video and sort of with the song. I just do not feel as though it was necessary for ALL of that blood to be in there. If you want a creepy video, this is it. With or without the blood, it makes for a chilling tale that reminds me of Stephen King. I love Steven King!

Before you get all hacked off at me for bashing artists lately, hold your horses. I actually really like this song. It is catchy and fun to sing to. However, it is a song about stalking someone. What people do not seem to realise is that there are more songs out there about stalking someone. I mean, some of those songs are far creepier than this song. Personally, my favourite stalker song is “Invisible” by Clay Aiken. That is a creepy song. Of course, Maroon 5 is no stranger to controversial songs. People just don not seem to listen to the lyrics. People do not pay attention to many song lyrics. You should. You would probably be surprised.