Music Monday- “All About That Bass”: Meghan Trainor

Meghan is a ridiculously cute girl and this video is adorable!  I love how fun it is despite all the frilly pastel pink.  The dancing is infectious and you just want to dance along with them.  They all look like they are having so much fun.  

Alright, so when this song first came out I found it annoying because of how it starts and the chorus.  However, my older brother made me listen to the whole song.  I must say that I actually like this song.  I still think that the chorus is a bit annoying, but I can overlook that now that I’ve heard the rest of the song.  This song is about loving yourself despite how you look.  We need more things like this.  In a world filled with models that are built like twigs there needs to be some people that are going to tell girls that it does not really matter what side you are and that you don not have to be a size zero for you to be loved.  There are a lot of girls here in Oklahoma where I live that are not anywhere close to a size zero and they are happy and live amazing lives.  They are amazing women.  Some people just do not look good at smaller sizes.  I am one of those and I know lots of women like that.  If I were a size zero I would look sickly.  I am serious!  A lot has to be said about a person’s bone structure.  Everyone is beautiful in their own way and needs to be reminded of that sometimes.  This song does a wonderful job of that.

Stay lovely and beautiful everyone!