Exciting Changes are About to Happen!

With the one year anniversary of owning my own domain I have decided to make a couple of changes. Some people will like these changes and others probably will not. The biggest change will be in content. I will be rearranging a couple of things. No worries, nothing is really going away! So people that enjoy all of the various articles will be able to find the content quite easily. Over the next couple weeks you will notice that the biggest change will be the combining of two of my weekly posts; Wordy Wednesday and Fun Fact Friday. What is the purpose of combining these two into one post? Quite simply, it is because these two often become inseparable and I sometimes feel like I am writing two fun fact posts a week. Combining these two will allow for longer more detailed posts. The shorter posts on Wednesday do well, but if I go in depth on these posts it stems off into a Fun Fact Friday length post and sometimes I feel like I need to split the post in two just to keep the days separate or combine them into a superpost.

Having Wednesday open means that I can add to sections of the site that, because of the weekly posts mentioned above, have been grossly overlooked for quite some time now. Notice how above it says that the site is about “food, fashion, and fun”? A couple of those topics are hardly touched on anymore since I have been trying to keep up the three weekly posts. I run this site on my own which means that I am a busy person and having two posts that are at times inseparable takes time away from the original purpose of the site. So, do not think of it as taking away content, think of it as strategic reshuffling of the articles and bringing back some of the old favourites.

People really seemed to like my monthly posts on gemstones and people really like my product reviews. I have also had a lot of positive response on my telly and movie reviews. Good news! These are going to get some more articles! Freeing up a day will give me a day that I can use to add more content to these sections. Another change will be a shifting from the current set up that runs more like a blog to something that looks more like an actual website. Currently, the only things that on a consistent basis get added to the pages above are the music posts. The rest of the content will slowly be filed in their appropriate sections and the site as a whole will be revamped for easier navigation.

I hope that you all enjoy the new transition! I am very excited about changes about to happen since I have missed having the fashion and food sections on the site. Keep an eye out for the changes! Check back often!

I love you and thank you all for your amazing support! Stay lovely and beautiful everyone!