Week in Review: 10 Nov. – 16 Nov. 2014

Welcome to the first Week in Review everyone!  This week, quite unintentionally at first, seemed to be about the “Kingdom Hearts” franchise.  I say unintentionally at first because when I discovered that two of the three articles that were written for this week, I just went ahead and ran with it and made the others about it as well.  This week also saw the first time that I wrote an article about more than just a song and its video.  I actually did an article on a music trend of sorts.  This will be the first of, what will probably be, a new thing of “theme weeks”.  Enjoy!

Video Game Soundtracks Aren’t What They Once Were

Thanks to advancements made in technology, video games have not only seen their graphics become more desirable, but they are now able to have some of the most beautiful soundtracks.  Sometimes these soundtracks sound like something that comes out of a film or a television show.

Is it Possible to Make Salty Ice Cream? Yes!

The recipe for the iconic Sea-Salt Ice Cream from the “Kingdom Hearts” games.

Did Disney Really Make a Hack-‘n-Slash Game?

How exactly did Disney pull off a Hack-‘n-Slash game that is appropriate for all ages?  Quite simply, it was through it’s partnership with Square Enix.  The combination of these two popular companies make for one brilliant and lovable franchise.

What in the World is Casual Cosplay?

A quick look at what Casual Cosplay is.