Week in Review: 19 January- 25 January 2015

Work has been slowing down a bit as the week has gone on.  That is a relief to me!  This week was also my first official visit as a District Deputy for Order of the Eastern Star!  It was exciting, but also a bit nerve wracking.  We also had a special event yesterday.  Overall, it was an exciting, busy, and fun week.  I hope you all have had a great week as well!  February starts next Sunday!  You know what that means?  Next month is St. Valentines Day!  Also, we will get a Friday the 13th because every month that begins on a Sunday has one.

Wait…So, My Love of Doing Embroidery isn’t Old Lady-ish Anymore?

A short look into this declining art from that has been brought back due to people wanting to look “popular and cool”.

Shut Your Pie Hole! It’s Time for a Telly Show Review!

 A review of the show Pushing Daisies.