2 Weeks in Review: 26 January- 8 February 2015

Most of my traveling is done for a while!  Huzzah!  I’m very excited about that.  Yesterday was my father’s birthday and I spent most of the day running around and then making a cake.  The past two weeks have been pretty much travel and work.  I haven’t had any time for myself.  That is why this week you get two weeks in one again.  Hopefully this will be the last one for a long while.  So, let’s look at what these past two weeks have had to offer in terms of new content on the site!

Are You Sure These Cartoons are For Children?

This looks at ten cartoon movies or telly shows that maybe should’t have been aimed at children.  That isn’t to say that children can’t enjoy them.  They just might not understand them or be traumatized by the gore in them. 

This Entire Movie is About Sex!

You know how that article mentioned above is about cartoons that shouldn’t have been aimed at children?  Yeah, this is about one of those movies that, despite being one of my favorites growing up, had some questionable content.  I still love the movie though.

Gluten Free Multi-Use Dough

A customization recipe that can be used for a number of different foods.

Anijselk: The Dutch Alcohol-Free Night-Cap

A recipe for this soothing milk drink that came from Netherlands.