Week in Review: 9 February- 15 February 2015

I hope everyone had an awesome St. Valentine’s Day!  Mine was celebrated today, but was none the less awesome.  Rather than get me fresh cut flowers that will die in about a week tops, I received some small pots and a variety of flowers that I can plant myself.  On top of that, each flower type that he got me meant something.  Very well thought out.  Not gonna lie, probably the most creative way of receiving flowers that I’ve ever experienced.  This week was also super busy down where I work.  Most of that business came on the 13th and on the 14th itself.  Really guys?!  Get your butts in gear and learn how to shop ahead of time!  Plan things out.  Not all the guys that came in were for Valentine’s Day though.  We did have some guys in for upcoming birthdays and anniversaries.  Kudos to all you guys that get your shopping done ahead of time and don’t pester the sales people with your bad moods because you forgot a semi-major holiday.  Also, kudos to those of you who do forget, but come in with a good attitude.  You all are wonderful.  Pleasant customers are fantastic.  Despite being incredibly busy, new articles were put up this week.  In case you missed them, here is what got put up.

The Dutch Have Country Music? Yes and it’s Adorable!

A review of an adorkable genre of music that was introduced to me by an equally adorkable Dutchman.  

Raise Your Hand if You’re Sick of Kanye West

Why Kanye should probably stay out of the public eye for a while.  People are getting sick of your antics Mr. West.

Cute, Educational, and a Little Bit of Weird: The World of the Hetalia Anime

This show is offensive.  However, it offends everyone equally.  Can you really call it offensive if the whole premise of the show is based around how idiotic stereotypes are in the whole grand scheme of history though?

Saint Valentine is the Patron Saint of Bee Keepers! Oh, and Lovers…

Saint Valentine was not so romantic.  Unless you consider Bee Keepers the epitome of romantics.  In which case, he’s your patron saint!