Week in Review: 23 February- 1 March 2015

It has been snowing where I live!  Seriously, it’s ridiculous at how much snow is on the ground.  Global Warming my butt!  It’s freezing outside!  That being said, it is really pretty and I do like Frozen Fiatsnow.  I just don’t like my tiny marshmallow Fiat getting frozen in place and the doors getting iced shut.   Seriously, that picture over there is what it started out looking like when the snow started.  Apparently the doorknob fell off the door last night.  The last time I opened the door it wasn’t that loose.  So, we’ll just go with it was that dang cold outside.  We did get it fixed though!  With all this bad weather it has been a nightmare getting around and it took my sister almost 12 hours to get from her home to a cheer-leading competition when the trip should have taken 5 hours at the most!  Oh weather, I wish you would make up your mind.   

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