Week in Review: 2 March- 8 March 2015

Hope you all have had a great week!  This week was fairly uneventful and as such, I had quite a bit of time to write this week.  We had only one day where there was absolutely nothing to do because of the snow.  Next week is fairly uneventful on my schedule.  I did get to go to my friend’s game night which was pretty awesome.  We’re all such nerds.  I also introduced my dude to the wonder that is Pokémon.  I was also told that being in my twenties and still playing and watching Pokémon made me childish.  If that is the case, I know a lot of childish people.  Seriously?  I mean just because somebody likes something that they grew up with that make them childish.  Ugg!  Sometimes the people I deal with on a regular basis irritate me to no end.  Enough of that though!  This is what got posted on the site this week in case you missed it.

What in the World is Operatic Pop Music?

A while back I introduced one of my best friends to this quirky and delightful genre of music.  This is what it is and why you should give it a chance.

The Culinary Torch is the Best Thing Ever!

This is one of the most useful kitchen gadget that I own.  Everyone need one too!

I’m in my Twenties.  Yes, I still Play Pokémon.

You know how I mentioned people calling me childish for liking Pokémon?  Well, here is my response to that.  It is also the start of a group of posts that will be posted on a weekly basis for a while about the franchise and why it is one of the best franchises for families to enjoy together.