Week in Review: 23 March- 29 March 2015

This week has been crazy busy with a bunch of meetings and work.  Yesterday was our Music Ministry Luncheon and it was pretty fun though and I had the day off so it was a nice change from the hectic week.  Next week is Easter!  Are you all ready?  I’m getting there and a bunch of my family is coming into town!  We’ve been stuffing eggs and I am always amazed at how pretty the colours look when they are in the bag for transporting out to the lodge.

When I wasn’t busy, these are the articles that got posted.

Pokémon Movie Time!

A review of the Pokémon movies that have been released up until the “X & Y” series.

Presentation is Everything

When it comes to food, sometimes it just takes a bit of extra time to make it look nice whether you made it from scratch or not.