Week in Review: 30 March- 5 April 2015

Happy Easter everyone!  It’s also Passover, so Happy Pesach!  Passover started the other day and ends at nightfall on Friday the April 10.  This week was fairly busy at the store, but not overly busy since the kids at schools around town were out of school for various things once of which was Good Friday.  You will also notice that the site has a new layout!  Welcome to the Spring and Summer Season!  Hopefully it is free of severe weather and not super miserable for everyone!  That being said  there were three articles uploaded site this week and here they are for you.

My Home Church’s Choir is Pretty Awesome and I’m Glad to be a Member!

This is a short article about why I love my church’s choir.

I Started Losing it at the Internal Combustion Engine

Google is not so great at translating some things.  However, when it is used to translate songs it can be pretty hilarious.

The Wonderful Game of the Pokémon Trading Card Game

A short overview of the card game that goes along with the video games and anime.