A Continuation! Top Ten Anime Openings: Numbers 10-6

Ah, the music that comes from anime series.  It can be a wonderful thing and I have already covered my top five opening and ending songs from a variety of anime.  However, I have often felt like I should have should have expanded these lists to a top ten.  So, without any further wondering as to what the other five would have been, here is my list of number 10-6 on my Top Anime Openings!

Number 10: “Hohoemi no Bakudan”- Matsuko Mawatari from YuYu Hakusho

I really enjoy this song, but it has the tendency to get annoying rather quickly.  I think it is because of the era that the YuYu Hakusho anime came out.  This is the opening for the entire series.  The odd thing is that I actually like the dub version a bit better than I like the original Japanese.  Part of my dislike of the song is that it sounds much older than it actually is.  This song is from the early 90’s.  However, despite this song being the only opening song for the series, there are different versions of it for the different seasons of the show.  It is a nice touch.  My favourite is the second version of the opening.

Number 9: “Lilium”-Kumiko Noma from Elfen Lied

This opening is weird and borderline gross.  Fair warning on this one!  This is an adult anime and the opening is no different.  If you are a kid you might want to have your parents watch it before you do.
So, what is it about this opening that even gets it on this list?  Have I ever mentioned how much I love Gustav Klimt’s artwork?  This opening features quite a bit of references to his art.  It’s fantastic.  Of course, since this is an adult series there is quite a bit of nudity.  There is in Klimt’s paintings as well.  I also love how much of a drastic difference there is between the content of the show and beautiful hymn-like Ecclesiastical Latin song that borrows from the Bible and old hymns.  The animation is beautiful despite the, at times, questionable content.  This show makes you really think about the themes that are presented in it.  There are defiantly some concepts that children wouldn’t quite get.  This song isn’t just used as the opening.  It is used at various points in the show.  Also, there are a lot of eyes in the opening motif.  I love eyes.  Eyes are fascinating.

Number 8: “Guren no Yumiya” – Linked Horizon from Attack on Titan

The only reason this is not higher on the list is that in the full version there is more German in the song that just really bothers me. 
I don’t have anything against the German language.  I am fluent in German and that is why it bothers me.  The song switches from German to Japanese several times and it makes my brain go a bit nuts trying to keep up with what the song means.  The animation is great though.  Of course that is to be expected from a show that has amazing animation anyway.  The song is epic, but the only way that I can stand to listen to it is if I don’t even think about what I am singing or listening to.  Also, this is more of an adult show and there is quite a bit of blood and death in it.  Not as disturbing as Elfen Lied though. 

Number 7: “Complication”- ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D from Durarara!!

While I do enjoy the first opening, the second ending one is just so much better.   It is so much more fun to sing along to.  It sounds like a modern pop song!
This particular ending seems to contrast with the show in such an odd way that it makes it fit better.  Another problem that I have with the first one is that it is really annoying.  “Complication” sounds more like something you would actually hear on the radio.  The opening sequence is much more entertaining to watch since it is more colourful in a way than the first one.  I just really fall more love with this song whenever I hear it.  Durarara!! is an amazing anime and this opening doesn’t disappoint in terms of an opening song!

Number 6:  “Megami No Senshi ~Pegasus Forever~ Soldiers of the goddess” –Marina del Ray from Saint Seiya

Wow!  That is one heck of a name for that song.  It deserves it too!  This song is great!  
Who remembers the awesome show Saint Seiya?  I loved that show and was so sad when they stopped showing it on the telly.  I also love the manga.  This series didn’t really get enough love.  It was so clever and well done.  Some people think the artwork of the show and the manga isn’t that great.  I can see some truth in that.  I mean, the art isn’t that wonderful, but it is done well for the time that it originally came out.  This song is just so catchy and entertaining that I almost put it higher on the list, the animation gets me though.  It is also one of those songs that doesn’t really work outside of the show.  Despite that, there is apparently an official music video for this floating out there somewhere!  I know!  Crazy!  This song is sounds like it would make an awesome dance club song though!   Just don’t look up the translation and you will probably not ever know that it is from an anime.

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