I Just Wanna Catch ’em All!!!

I guess I should be more specific when I say I that I wanna catch all the Pokémon.  I want to catch Hoopa.  All the Hoopa!  Shiny Hoopa, normal Hoopa, plushie Hoopa, Hoopa cards, Hoopa figurines, Hoopa cups.  Basically I just want all things Hoopa!  When it comes to Pokémon, that is.

By now I think it should be pretty clear that your author here loves Pokémon.  Now, a few months ago over on the YouTube channel I posted a video about my top ten favourite Pokémon.  You can watch it over on the channel, or I’ll just post it here for convenience.

I had recorded a second video with my top ten least favourite Pokémon, but didn’t get it posted until last week because of something squirrely going on with my YouTube account.  However, things got fixed and it’s back on track!  So, the second video is here!

Now, in my first video I mentioned that Hoopa would probably take over as my favourite Pokémon once I had more experience with it.  Oh my goodness!  I really love this  Pokémon!  The design is fantastic.  I mean look at the official art from the Pokémon website.

Hoopa Art

Hoopa Confined is on the left and Hoopa Unbound is on the right

Look at how lovely it is!  As I mentioned in the video, Hoopa is a Psychic/Ghost type in its confined form.  When it changes to its unbound form, it becomes a Psychic/Dark type.  This beauty is a mischievous djinni.  I adore it with its love of doughnuts.  I mean, sure, Pikachu’s love of catsup in the anime is cute, but this beast loves doughnuts!   Speaking of this lovely being a beast, see how cute Hoopa Confined is.  It’s only 1’8″ tall and weighs a 19.8 pounds.  Hoopa Unbound is a monstrous 21’4″ tall!  You know how it loves doughnuts?  It must have been eating a ton of doughnuts because it weights a whopping 1080.3 pounds!  Holy calamari!  That’s a big djinni.  That’ a big Pokémon!  Not the biggest one though, but it is one of the heaviest.

What is a djinni though?  This is a question that I have been asked several times.  Well, let me tell you!  I have done quite a bit of research on djinn already since the main character of my novel is a djinni-like being.  The singular is djinni and the plural is djinn.  They are mentioned in the Quran as beings made of fire that produces no smoke.  Much like angels, djinn can be good or evil.  They are not angels though.  In Islamic traditions djinn and angels are two seperate beings.  The word djinni is where the English word genie  comes from.  However, in Western thought, genies seem to have a set of rules they must abide by.  The most common of which is that if a person acquires the lamp to which the genie is bound, that genie must grant its master three wishes.  They also have to be pure good or pure evil.  This probably comes from the Disney version of “Aladdin”.  That particular story I have issues with anyway.  I mean, in the original tale that movie is based on, Aladdin is from the Orient.  Djinn on the other hand, are more fluid in what they are.  Like humans, they too must face judgement at the end of days according to the Quran.  They can be good, evil, or a mix of both.  For the most part, they leave humanity alone.  When they do interact with humanity it can be for a good cause or they can cause mischief.  Since they are fluid beings they don’t really have a gender, but pronouns are assigned to them.  Most of them are referred to as “he”, but on occasion you do see them referred to as “she”.  The part about granting wishes though, it is kind of iffy.  It really depends on the source that you are using.  Some sources put those restrictions on them and a djinn must have a master to grant those wishes to.  Other sources have them granting favours to whomever they wish to or doing things seemingly on a whim.  Usually a djinni will have an artifact or place that it is connected with

Nintendo got Hoopa correct in temperament that is for sure!  In terms of modern cultural references, Hoopa is by far one of the best djinn characters that I’ve ever seen.  Castle in the Air by Diana Wynne Jones does a good job too.  In terms of showing the fluidity of djinn nature, Nintendo does it best.  Hoopa is shown in the various forms of the franchise to be a force for good and a force for evil.  It is also is also shown to be a bit mischievous.  It also has an artifact of sorts that it is connected to, the Prison Bottle.

The Prison Bottle allows Hoopa to access its full power and rather than staying in its cute little confined form, it changes into its gigantic and powerful confined form.  That isn’t to say that Hoopa Confined is weak.  It by no means is that.  Hoopa Confined and Hoopa Unbound both have their hyperspace holeown signature move.  Hoopa Confined has the attack Hyperspace Hole which has a power of 80.  Bulbapedia has a screen-cap of that attack.  It looks like this.

Hoopa Unbound has the Hyperspace Fury attack with a power of 100!  In the screen-cap from Bulbapedia you can see Hoopa laughing while peeking out the dimensional hole behind the enemy!  hyperspace fury

Regardless, Hoopa is an amazing Pokémon that has an amazing basis in Middle Eastern beliefs.  Nintendo pulled it off well and I hope they show Hoopa some more love in terms of merchandise!  I am still looking to get my hands on the plushies from the Pokémon Center.  That would be just delightful!  They are large sized too!  So cute!!!