Let’s Have A Wedding! Part 3: The Attire

Last week we talked about the members of the wedding party and the week before we talked about the invitations.  This week we will be going over the clothing that is worn by the members of the wedding party.  Who doesn’t want to look lovely on their big day?  Depending on where you live, there are different outfits to be worn.  Let’s get started on making sure you look your loveliest!

We’ll start off with the most common form of weddings in the world.  This is called a white wedding.  This is called do because of the of the white dress that the bride wears.  These weddings can be either formal or semi-formal.  This means that the bride’s dress is typically ornate.  The maid/matron of honour wear a formal dress that is in one of the two accent colours that the bride picks for her wedding.  The other bridesmaids wear less ornate versions of the maid/matron of honour’s dress.  As I mentioned in the previous post, the flower girls wear white formals in a style similar to the bride’s dress.  Now on to the groom.  The groom wears a dark coloured tuxedo, dark coloured suit, or a morning coat depending on the time of the day the wedding takes place.  The groomsmen typically wear dark coloured suits that are the same colour as the grooms.  The page boys wear pretty much the same thing.  When it comes to the ties, they are typically the same colour of the bridesmaids dresses.  If the groom if wearing a cummerbund or a weskit, they should be the other accent colour of the bride’s choosing.  If a bride is divorced or is not a virgin, they are NOT to wear white!  *Gasp!* Becca, you said the “v” word!  Yes, yes I did and I don’t care what you think about it.  Back to the topic at hand though.  Wearing a white wedding dress if one is getting remarried after a divorce or one has any experience in terms of sex, oral sex is included in this, is generally viewed as being trashy and fake.  You just shouldn’t do it.

Let’s say you are Hindu.  What kind of dress do you and your party wear?  You wear the formal version of your regional dress and the jewellery that accompanies it.  Your bridesmaids wear similar dress.  These are brightly coloured and typically red rather than white.  Henna markings adorn the skin in very detailed patterns.  Men wear formal sherwani.  They are pretty amazing looking.  Not gonna lie.  They are sometimes accompanied by the wearing of Mysore Peta.  With all the different regions of India, it is difficult to pin down what exactly the traditional garb for weddings are in India and among the Hindu community.

Islamic wedding dress has the same issue pinning down the traditional dress that Hinduism does.  It varies depending on where you are, but there are some pretty universal things.  Ornamenting the skin with henna is typical of women and red is the normal colour of choice or gold.  The reason that white is not worn in most cultures during a wedding is because it is seen as a colour that normally represents death.  The dresses are do not show as much skin as many other dresses in the world.  This is because the Muslim faith has a more strict view on modesty.  That being said, a lot of the dresses that I’ve seen are super pretty!  Men typically wear suits or the formal version of their traditional regional clothing.

Jewish wedding dresses are pretty similar to a lot of white wedding dresses.  However, there are some pretty interesting differences.  If you are getting married in a synagogue you are supposed to cover your arms.  The tradition in white weddings for women to wear a veil comes from Jewish weddings.  Here is the thing with that veil though, and this is more for the men to know, you should pay attention to what the groom does with it.  If the groom is marrying the woman for more than just her beauty he is supposed to leave the veil covering his bride’s face.  If he lifts the veil it comes off as him only wanting to marry her for her beauty.  Men typically wear dark suits like most other modern weddings.

While a lot of Western influence has started to be seen in China one thing hasn’t changed.  The bride is supposed to wear red.  This is because white, like it does in many cultures, represents death.  A lot of modern Chinese weddings have the groom in dark suits and the women in beautiful red versions of the white wedding dress.  That being said, in recent years there has been a resurfacing of a lot of older traditions.  Women still wear the red dress, but it is more traditional in style.  In these situations men wear the traditional outfits as well.

Unlike a lot of other Asian cultures, Japanese wedding dresses are white.  The parts of which are a shiromuku and a watabōshi.  These are an all white kimono and a head covering respectfully.  These dresses are usually accented with red and gold.  Brides sometimes also paint their faces white in respect to the kami and to show their purity before them. When it comes to the grooms, they wear a haori crested in black as well as a hakama with stripes running vertically.  However, like most cultures, there seems to be a movement towards more western style dresses and suits.

So, there you have it.  Now you know more about how you are supposed to dress when it comes to your wedding.  Your bridesmaids and groomsmen typically are dressed in garb similar to that of the bride and groom, just a little less formally.