Let’s Have a Wedding! Part 5: The Rings

Now, theoretically speaking, since you are planning your wedding you already have an engagement ring purchased and are working on getting your wedding rings. These rings are typically worn on the left ring finger because it used to be thought that the blood vein running there was directed to and from the heart. This week we are gonna talk about the three main types of rings and a few of the traditions surrounding them.

Engagement rings are usually more ornamented than the wedding bands. Usually worn by women, some places in the world also have the men wearing them since in these countries have plain engagement rings. These rings are today adorned with a center main diamond and may have other diamonds or coloured stones around them. However, they were originally were coloured stones. The tradition of wearing a diamond engagement ring only really started in the middle of the 20th century. Before then you could use any stone you wanted, but diamonds were seen as a status symbol. The most popular style of engagement ring is the solitaire ring. These rings are a single diamond on a band of precious metal. You also have three-stone rings, which have a stone to represent the past, the present, and the future of the couple.

Wedding bands for men are normally simple bands of precious metal. Some bands have one to three diamonds in them. In recent times, contemporary metal rings are used with more frequency. This is especially true if one works in construction jobs. At times, men’s rings are set with a few diamonds. When diamonds are used, they are typically set into the metal and do not set up.

Women’s wedding bands are typically more ornamented than men’s bands. At times people have a band on either side of the center ring. Some people choose to have a simple precious metal band that matches the engagement ring. There are also ring wraps and ring guards. These are meant to go with solitaire rings. Ring guards are two band style rings that the center ring slips down into and the two bands are held together by two pieces of metal on the bottom. They may or may not be soldered to the center ring. If they are left unsoldered this is because the lady wants to be able to change the guard out for different styles of guards. Ring wraps are typically meant to be slipped over the band of the solitaire to give the appearance that it is one ring. Typically ring wraps are soldered to the band and are unsuitable to use with anything other than just a plain solitaire.

So, now that you know about the three main types of rings you can go out and start looking at what you would like to accompany your engagement ring or you can go out and get an engagement ring for your upcoming proposal! Keep in mind that just because a certain style of ring is popular that that is what kind of ring you need to get. For example, the most popular ring that I have seen in the bridal section of all the jewellery stores that I’ve been in is a princess cut diamond with a halo and them an ornamental ring guard set in white gold. If you’ve been on here long enough you should know my feelings about white gold. I HATE white gold! I also HATE princess cut diamonds. I like marquise cut diamonds in yellow gold. I also like diamonds that are blue, green, orange, and pink. If the diamonds are white, I like them with small bits of uncrystallized carbon in them. Just pick a ring that you like. After all, this should be your forever ring! Be proud of it and make sure you will love wearing it.