I Feel Like Crushing This DVD: A Review of the movie “Country Crush”

The other day I watched a movie with my mother that I found at Walmart after a friend told me she had found the same movie.  Now, I like country music and I like musicals, at times I like country musicals.  There is a reason that there are not many country musicals out there.  This movie is one of those reasons.  One of the first things I thought when I started watching this was, awesome!  This is gonna be one of those cute, not overly sappy movies.  This was not the case.  This movie was…well, it was something.

It left out some parts, or they went by so fast that I didn’t notice them and it left me a bit confused.  Like, does Nancy actually have a boyfriend, does she not have a boyfriend, or is she just kind of a harlot?  How many tours has Cody been on?  What exactly happened in Charlie’s past that makes him skittish about love because it can’t just be his mother dying.  Sorry, not buying that.  The whole thing was a bit odd and didn’t flow well at all and that has a lot to do with the acting.  Oh my gosh the acting was terrible.  The singing was good, not believable at all, but at least some of the songs were pleasant to listen to.  One thing that really bothered me was that if they are in a war zone, they are amazingly clean.  Nancy struck me as being one of those girls that tries to be country, but really isn’t and it shows really bad.  The scene in the club that Charlie meets Nancy makes me wonder if the club is actually a strip club and why would she want to meet him there?  It was really trashy. When you meet Nancy’s “boyfriend” you find out that she knows he’s cheating on her and that she really is a trashy girl.  Wow!  Good job for a movie that according to the box “appeals to all ages”.  The movie was just nonsensical and not overly enjoyable.  Now, the box art kind of confuses me as well.  The main person on the box art is Katherine and she doesn’t play as big of a part of the movie to deserve being the main focus.  The movie focuses on Charlie and Nancy and they occupy a small part of the front.  I have a hard time believing that the people in the movie are the ones actually doing the singing.  They did a bad job matching the mouth movements to the song.  Probably the strangest moment was the totally, out of the blue sad, tear-jerker moment.

Overall, this movie was not made for “all ages”.  It was terrible and hard to follow.  It doesn’t need to have “not rated” on the back.  Might I suggest at least a PG-13 for trashy, borderline strip clubs and promiscuous girls?  While there are some good parts to the movie and some cute moments, the movie as a whole is lackluster and boring at best.  I had a hard time keeping focused on it and spent more time playing with my cat and looking on line to figure out the acting experience of the people in it.  It was so boring in fact, that my mother fell asleep during it.  I was really confused by it and I wouldn’t recommend it unless you just want some background sound with a country flair that might make you cry at some points.  This is one movie I wouldn’t waste my time or money on.  Leave it at Walmart where it belongs.