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Why Do You Spell Things Wrong?!

About Me

While you can gain a bit of information about me from reading around the site there are some things that are just not on there because they did not come up in the posts or introductions to the pages.  So, let me tell you a little bit more about myself.

First off: I actually am a published author!  You can buy my book on Amazon and at your local bookstore.  You can find the link in the sidebar if you wish to purchase it on Amazon.  You can also go to the section about my published works for more information!

I have had several people ask me about my spelling. My favorite time has been when I had a person come up to me at college and tell me that I was spelling things wrong or that I was calling things by the wrong name. All I have to say is, oh silly American English. So, today I am taking a break from my usual posting to clear up some terms and spellings that people keep telling me are incorrect.

Where was I born? Not in the Commonwealth! Amazingly I was born in the middle of the United States to my wonderful Mother and Father that are of Oto-Missouria/Dutch/Prussian/French/English/Swedish decent. So, how do I end up sounding like I’m British rather than American? Well, it comes from learning my English from people that use Oxford English. *sigh* For the longest time my teaches and professors thought I grew up overseas. Oh well. That’s life.

Next: the questions that I get the most. “What is up with you adding a u to various words?” and “why do you keep spelling the word color wrong?” I am not spelling colour wrong. To me you all are spelling colour wrong. I spell it the same way that I have always spelled it. The same thing goes with flavor, labour, honour, and neighbour. Also, I sometimes people think that I spell words like centre, litre, and theatre wrong. No, that’s how the English spell the words center, liter, and theater. Sometimes I spell things like practise instead of practice or connnexion rather than connection. Most of the time I spell things like catalog this way: catalogue. That’s just one of my quirks. I’m not spelling it wrong. I’m spelling it right…in the Commonwealth.
Also, some of the phrases that I use in my everyday life are more British than they are American. For example, I often ask people if they would fancy a cuppa. Most of the time I end up with people looking at me strangely. Of course growing up in Oklahoma asking someone if they want a cupppa tea isn’t that far of a stretch and people there just look at me like I’m abbreviating the sentence and then finish it with what they want. When being asked if you fancy a cuppa, what a person is asking is if you want a cup of hot tea. Speaking of tea, when being asked how one takes their tea or coffee what you are being asked is do you want cream, milk, sugar, or nothing in it and not what kind of cup you want it in. In a lot of places outside of the States it isn’t uncommon for people to put milk or cream in their tea. I do this all the time. For a long time my boyfriend thought I was drinking coffee until he notice the tea bag in my empty cup. For those who would like a new type of tea to try I would recommend PG Tips. It’s delicious. I enjoy it quite a bit. I always have a box at work and at home so that when I feel the need for a cuppa I have it available. I also use my mobile not my cell phone. For the ladies, and this relates back to one of my previous fashion posts, I wear tights regardless of if they are called pantyhose. It weirded my boyfriend out when I started talking about ice lollies. Those are popsicles for those who don’t know.

About the Site

This site is the combination of two blogs that I had on another website and got so fed up with the problems that I was having with it that I just gave up and moved my blog and in progress website here.  Really there are several reasons for me moving over here.  One is that keeping the old blog secure and free from issues was beginning to be a bit of a pain with no help from Google on that end and what help I could find was so hard to find that I ended up having to do a search just to find it.  Apparently, it was not just me having those problems either.  Quite a few people I know moved their blogs.  There was quite a bit of content to move and I had quite a few readers on there that hopefully made the move with me.

If you are a reader from the old site, great to see you again and you probably already knew all of this! 

That being said, even before those issues started I had thought about moving everything over here.  Why?  Well, in one of my posts I mentioned that I was working on a website to encompass my two blogs and to have the blogs there for quick updates and miscellaneous things that did not fit into categories.  That would have been three things to keep track of!  In case you have not noticed, I am a busy person and blogging is not my main job.  WordPress allows me to have the blogs, and a functioning website all rolled up into one convenient little package!  This means that I will only have one thing to keep track of which will take a lot of stress off of me and will make my updates more regular.  It will also mean that you all do not have to switch back and forth between food blog and fashion blog.  It will all be right here!  In the end, it is a win-win for all of us!