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Let’s Have a Wedding! Part 5: The Rings

Now, theoretically speaking, since you are planning your wedding you already have an engagement ring purchased and are working on getting your wedding rings. These rings are typically worn on the left ring… Continue reading

Week in Review: 15 Dec.- 21 Dec. 2014

I bet you all were wondering where I disappeared to.  I was horribly sick for a bit and have been running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off the rest of… Continue reading

A Superpost Lesson in Æsthetics (A Rant on Beauty)

Okay male half of the population, this post is for your benefit.  Ladies you will also find it helpful, but my main point is to make the men of the world realize a some… Continue reading

Purfect Bun Product Review

God morgen! I was once told by someone that none of my product reviews were really negative.  Well to that person that told me that, I am about to prove you wrong.  Today’s… Continue reading

Pré de Provence 100% Shea Butter Extra Dry Skin Treatment Product Review

It is product review time again everyone! Today I will be reviewing a wonderful product that I’ve used for a couple of years now.  I am not entirely sure why I have not… Continue reading

Sinful Colors Nail Polish Product Review

Oh My Goodness it is Product Review Time! So, I have not done a product review in quite a while.  Some of you have sent me messages asking me why.  Well, here is… Continue reading