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I’ve Got a Ticket for a Train Going to Nowhere

Once upon a time my hometown was quite the town to visit!  Of course, being the home of E.W. Marland, the 10th Governor of the state of Oklahoma makes it a bit more interesting.… Continue reading

Let’s Learn to Fly!

Every year Ponca City has one of the largest, most widely attended Veterans’ Day Parade.  You could say that my hometown loves the veterans and you would be correct.  It isn’t just that… Continue reading

Giro hąwe gihįnka!

Alright, so in all fairness, I bet 99% of you all have no idea what that title says.  That’s fine.  I don’t expect you all to because the language it is in was… Continue reading

Let’s Have a Wedding! Part 4: The Cakes

We’ve gone over quite a bit so far.  This week we are going to be talking cakes.  There are a couple of types of cakes.  You have the wedding cake and the groom’s… Continue reading

Let’s Have a Wedding! Part 2: The Wedding Party

We’ve got the invitations out of the way!  You are on your way to having a proper wedding.  Now you are going to need to know what all the people in your wedding… Continue reading

Let’s Have a Wedding! Part 1: The Invitations

So, you are getting married!  Congratulations!  I hope this man/woman is going to make you the happiest person in the world.  Now that you’ve got the asking and answering down, you are probably… Continue reading

Historic White Eagle, Oklahoma

In Kay County, Oklahoma there is a small town just south of where I grew up called White Eagle.  This town is an unincorporated community and is the headquarters of the Ponca Nation,… Continue reading

It’s Oto-Missouria Encampment Time Again!

It’s encampment time again! If you feel so inclined to watch this lovely video that I put together then you can watch it here.  It’s a bit long, but you will probably learn… Continue reading