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My Favourite Banana Nut Bread Recipe

With autumn being here we now have access to a new batch of fresh fruits and vegetables.  It is also the time of the year that people seam to make more breads.  Today… Continue reading

Let’s Make Pomegranate Bread

If you follow the YouTube channel they you will notice that a video was posted today that shows you how to make Pomegranate Bread. If you don’t, I recommend you do since there… Continue reading

Sweet Glorious Beignets!

Okie-dokie everyone!  I’ve had some requests to post this from numerous people.  I’ve also had people wondering when I was going to post it.  Sorry it didn’t come sooner.  Worry not!  Here is… Continue reading

Let’s Have a Wedding! Part 4: The Cakes

We’ve gone over quite a bit so far.  This week we are going to be talking cakes.  There are a couple of types of cakes.  You have the wedding cake and the groom’s… Continue reading

Baked Ratatouille

It’s been said, apparently, that Ratatouille is one one of the most difficult dishes in French cooking to make and one of the most dangerous.  The danger comes from the fact that you… Continue reading

Stuffed Pancakes

While I may not be overly fond of breakfast food, I do love pancakes and waffles.  People in the United States will throw a fit about that by saying that those two foods… Continue reading

Sweet, Sweet Butternut…Squash Soup!

So, I had quite a bit of butternut squash and didn’t know what to do with it.  After a bit of thinking I remembered that I could make this delicious dish for dinner.… Continue reading

Paella is one of the Best Things Ever!

I love Spanish food!  You know the stuff that actually originated in Spain. Man, it’s seriously the best when it comes to complex flavours.  My favourite Spanish dish is paella. There are many… Continue reading

Tea is Delicious! You Should Drink it Correctly!

Tea is amazing and it’s good for you.  There are so many different kinds of tea to try and enjoy.  So, what is the best way to drink it.  There are loose leaf… Continue reading

Let’s All Eat Cake For My Birthday!

Yeah, that little picture you clicked on to get here was  cake that I made.  It was awesome!  Want a close up of it?  Well, here you go!  That is a  Dalahäst.  In… Continue reading