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2 Weeks in Review 5 January- 18 January 2015

This week has been filled with business where I work!  Not that I’m complaining about having good business.  It just leaves less time to work on other projects.  As such, there is only… Continue reading

Week in Review: 15 Dec.- 21 Dec. 2014

I bet you all were wondering where I disappeared to.  I was horribly sick for a bit and have been running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off the rest of… Continue reading

Week in Review: 17 Nov. – 23 Nov. 2014

This week was a bit skimpy on posts.  The reason being is that I have been so busy this week with getting ready for Black Friday this next week.  Hopefully, after this week… Continue reading

Are you SAD? Me too. Let’s talk about it.

Earlier this week the world lost a great man.  Robin Williams was one of my favorite actors.  I thought he was amazing.  Though most people know that he battled with depression most of… Continue reading

A Superpost Lesson in Æsthetics (A Rant on Beauty)

Okay male half of the population, this post is for your benefit.  Ladies you will also find it helpful, but my main point is to make the men of the world realize a some… Continue reading

Sick of Stress? Me Too! Let’s Learn Some Tips on How to Deal With it!

Greetings and Salutations everyone! Well, these past couple of weeks have been a bit stressful.  Yes, I have been happy and cheery when talking to others and when making my posts on here. … Continue reading

7 Helpful Hints for Weight Loss

Hallo fantastische Neue Preußen! I hope you all are doing quite well. My school is almost out. We have nine more days of class. I am so very excited. You all know what… Continue reading