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Let’s Have a Wedding! Part 5: The Rings

Now, theoretically speaking, since you are planning your wedding you already have an engagement ring purchased and are working on getting your wedding rings. These rings are typically worn on the left ring… Continue reading

Let’s Have A Wedding! Part 3: The Attire

Last week we talked about the members of the wedding party and the week before we talked about the invitations.  This week we will be going over the clothing that is worn by… Continue reading

Dazzling Diamonds 

It is that time again everyone! Alas, this will bring an end to our year long trek through the gemstone-of-the-month.  What better stone to end on than the birthstone for the month of… Continue reading

Fun Fact Friday: Necklaces and Lavaliers

Happy Friday everyone! So, now that we have established what a pendant is in the last post.  What exactly is a necklace and how does it differ from a pendant?  Also, what the… Continue reading

Wordy Wednesday: What Exactly is a Pendant?

Hello everyone! Ah technology. It is a great thing until it decides to not work. Oh well. Such is life. Well, today’s post sort of goes along with the Fun Fact Friday. So,… Continue reading

Fun Fact Friday: Amazing Aquamarines

Happy Friday Everyone! What is this Friday about? Well I decided to kill two birds with one stone in a manner of speaking. That one stone being the birthstone of March: Aquamarine. Since… Continue reading

Attractive Amethysts

Happy Birthday Everyone Born in February! People born in this cold winter month get to enjoy the lovely purple Amethyst as their birthstone.  Amethyst, like Citrine, is a variety of quartz.  That being… Continue reading

Glittery Garnets

Happy Birthday to my January readers! Ah the Garnet, there are mixed feelings about this red-brown gemstone.  Some people really love it it and, from what I have seen working in the jewellery business, a… Continue reading

Terrific Turquoise

There has been quite a bit of debate about what exactly the birthstone for December is.  Some people say Turquoise, some say Blue Topaz, and some say Tanzanite or Zircon.  So, which is… Continue reading

Lace: Not Your Grandmother’s Table Cloth

So, if you have not noticed there are a lot of people wearing lace around.  It is everywhere.  When did it become so popular?  Well it never really went out of style.  It… Continue reading