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What’s in a Person..ality?

I work retail, fashion retail to be exact.  My job requires me to be friendly and cheerful all the time while I’m there and to be helpful to the customers.  I am always… Continue reading

Let’s Have a Wedding! Part 1: The Invitations

So, you are getting married!  Congratulations!  I hope this man/woman is going to make you the happiest person in the world.  Now that you’ve got the asking and answering down, you are probably… Continue reading

Why are Young Voters Feeling the Bern?

This year was monumental for Independent voters in the state of Oklahoma. The reason being, this is the first time that they could vote in the primaries. However, they were only allowed to… Continue reading

The World Needs More People Like Matt Cohen

Do you have Instagram? I do. I did not get one until I got my iPad last month. That is why some of the articles on here are not in the usual colour… Continue reading

It’s All in How You Look…Apparently…

After four years, I think I have figured it out! What have I figured out?  Why people seem to hate Russian Evgeni Plushenko.  Before you stop reading and start complaining that I hate… Continue reading

Ich bin ein Preuße, kennt ihr meine Farben?

Hello everyone! As of late I have been getting some questions about my ancestry.  Specifically about how I can be Prussian if the nation of Prussia does not exist anymore.  Today’s post will… Continue reading

The Lovely Ladies That I Adore! Part 1

Ehrerbietige Grüsse an Alle! Well, today I figured I would talk to you all about something that I have been asked about quite a bit as of recent when people come in to… Continue reading

The Lovely Ladies that I Adore! Part 2

Hello Again Everyone! It is time for second part of my Lovely Ladies that I Adore post.  The first part can be found by scrolling down or by clicking here.  In my first… Continue reading