What in the World is Casual Cosplay?

Recently, I have seen this become more of a popular thing than ever before!  Fandom seems to be taking over the world.  For those of you who have no clue what the term cosplay means, it is short for costume play.  People who go to anime, comic, and other fantasy/sci-fi convention that dress up as characters are called cosplayers.  Normally this requires making or buying a costume and wig.  Some of these costumes are incredibly intricate and can take a lot of time to make.  For the most part, these costumes must be made as finding those costumes is hard and if you do they are expensive.  Often times, these costumes require custom faux weapons or accessories that must be made by had as well.  At times, you can find prop replicas, but not all the time.  Since people love to cosplay often want to dress like their favourite character.  More often than not, these characters are not are the most popular characters of the series they are in.

So, you want to cosplay, but you don’t want to wait until a convention or Halloween?  You’re in luck!  There is this lovely thing called casual cosplay. kiki This form of cosplay is where you take the colour pallet and maybe some of their iconic accessories and form an outfit that is in a style that is similar to that of the character.  Sort of like this that I found on Pinterest. I think it’s cute.  It actually looks like something you could wear out and about without people knowing that it was from a movie.  Now, while this one looks very close to the character in the movie.  There are quite a few that just simply use the colour pallets.  Now, these can be pretty awesome.  This one is pretty cute and is based on Rikuthe character of Riku from “Kingdom Hearts”.  This particular casual cosplay is simply based on the colour pallet.

Casual cosplay is actually entertaining.  I, on occasion, will dress with colour pallets of characters.  A lot of the time I end up doing it without realizing it.  You should try it.  See if people recognize the character without you telling them  what you are doing.