Bright Eye Liners

Grüße Glorious Neue Preußen!

I have been so busy with work, school, and vacation to Vegas that my blogs have suffered a lack of attention on my part. I am very sorry!!! Anyways, I am back and have so many topics to write about! Vegas is a great place for fashion. If you have been there you know this is true. Today I will be writing about a fashion trend that will lead into my product review for next time; brightly coloured eye liner!
Most ladies at some point in their life will wear eye liner. Some wear it every day. I am not one of those people. I need a break from waking from waking up early every day for work and school. It is good to always have the standard black, black-brown, brown, and white in your make-up case.  However, some people do wear navy and eggplant to spice things up. Things have been getting really spicy in terms of eye liner colours lately. For example, I am wearing bright turquoise right now. It looks good with my eye and skin colour.
Bright eye liner was popular when I was a little kid and Mutter wouldn’t let me wear it except for dance recitals and on All Hallows Eve. Vater did when Mutter was at work though. Of course then about an hour before Mutter got home he had to scrub my face clean. I think the main problem was that I was a little kid and I didn’t know how to put it on. I actually didn’t learn to put on make-up properly until my first year of college when my friend Kevin taught me. Thanks to Kevin I have been hired to do make-up for weddings and what-have-you events, but back to bright eye liner.

The key to putting on bright eye liner, or any eye liner really, is knowing how to put it on right. Part of it is practicing on getting lines straight and the other part is getting it applied correctly for your eye shape. For example, I do not look good with winged eye liner. It makes me look funny. I also can’t pull off thick lines or ultra-thin lines. I just look odd beyond all reason. My friend Ayaka, for another example, can do winged eye liner and ultra-thin lines. She, like me, does not look good with thick eye liner. Eye shape and how the liner is applied is really important! It is also the first step in getting this look right.

Back to Kevin for a moment. Not only did Kevin teach me how to do hair and make-up, he taught me about colour when it comes to fashion. Make-up colour depend on skin colour. Eye make-up depends on that AND eye colour!!! My eyes are hazel so I can wear numerous colours well. However, my sister has blue eyes. She wears browns and pinks well. My friend Ayaka has brown eyes and wears pinks and blues well. People with green eyes wear browns and purples well. People like Kevin, whom I am incredibly jealous of, that have purple eyes wear greens and pinks well. Gray eyed people like my friend Brennivina can wear pretty much any colour they dang well please. Lucky girl. Bright colours need to follow this guide too. A helpful tool that I have found is my colour wheel. I actually bought it for my quilting, but it comes in handy for matching make-up colours as well! Rejoice fellow crafty nerds! Colour wheels may be purchased at almost any craft or fabric store. I purchased mine at a little quilting shop in Ponca City called Completely Quilted. You can click on that and visit their site and do some shopping. It is pretty awesome! I love that store! Well, now that I have told you all about it and how to pull the look off properly, what do I think about it? I love this fashion trend! I love it to pieces and then some. Bold colours are really cute if you know how to pull it off. Lots of bright colour on one’s face is not appealing though. Keep that in mind. However, a little bit is super cute!

Until next time!