Dark Lipsticks are in Style! They are not for Everyone Though

As of recent I have been seeing quite a few articles about how in style dark lipsticks are.  While I have never really thought anything of this until recently.  However, I had a younger lady come into the store where I work and, low and behold, she was wearing this really dark red-purple lip stick.  It was a pretty colour, do not get me wrong.  It just was not very pretty on her.  Out of curiosity, I asked her what brand and colour of lipstick she had on.  She seemed delighted by my interest in her make-up and informed me that it was Revlon’s “Black Cherry”.  She even got the tube out of her purse and showed it to me.  Let me tell you, the colour in the tube did not really match the colour on her lips, but I just went with it.  Later that day, I went out and purchased a tube of that shade for myself.  I normally do not wear Revlon make-up, but since this stuff was not horribly expensive, I decided to go ahead and pay the $5 to test it out.  If you would like to purchase this particular shade, the link is at the bottom for your convenience.  This was the result.IMG_0231

I actually like the colour of it when it is on.  People that day also thought it was a pretty shade.  So, what was the difference between me and the lady from earlier in the day?  If it was in fact the same colour, how could it look so fantastically different?  The answer comes down to skin tone.  Yep,  the colour of your skin determines what shades of lip colour you can wear well.  That does not mean that you cannot wear any colour you want, you might just look a bit odd.  People with light skin tones can pull of wearing the pastel colours that I wish I could wear.  Every time that I try, I end up looking sickly.  Some shades of pastels can also be worn by people with dark skin tones.  Usually it is the pink shades that look the best. Bright reds look fine as long as you have a medium skin tone shade.  Bright pinks look fine on dark skins, but they look trashy on people with really pale skin.  Browns can be worn by pretty much anyone.  You just have to get the right shade.  Just remember this easy rule for them; the lighter your skin, the lighter the brown needs to be to look right.  Oranges and peaches are another beast entirely.  They really do not go well on any skin tone.  Yet, some people seem to think they are the bee’s knees and it still sells.  Back to the darker shades though.

Darker shades are wonderful and can add an air of mystery about you if you were them correctly.  For the love of all things good in life, if you are super pale do not wear an incredibly dark wine!  They look atrocious.  I mean just look at Lorde.  She has the potential to be really pretty all the time, but then she puts on that dark lipstick just fails miserably.  People with darker skin tones have the wearing of darker shades advantage because the shades look more natural on them.  Think about it.  If you have darker skin and want a natural look, you have to by darker make-up.  That is why they come in a variety of shades.  There is some pretty awesome news though.  You do not have to have dark skin to wear the dark colours.  You just need to know what shade is right for you.  For example,  I cannot wear pinks at all.  It does not mater how dark or light it is.  Pink just does not look good on me.  So, pinks are out.  Oranges and peaches look horrible on everyone and should be burned in the Sun.  Browns that border on being orange are an automatic out, if they are too dark they start looking black, and the light browns make me look sickly.  As such, I can only wear medium shades of that colour.  No go on the dark shades there.  Purples look okay on me, but they must have more of a red tint to them.  Reds include this lovely set of shades called to as wines.  These wine shades are darker, but have hints of either purple or brown in them.  “Black Cherry” by Revlon can be classified as a wine shade.  These shades are the best shade for me.  They are dark, but not so dark that it makes me look sickly.  The major rule of thumb on wearing dark shades is to think about what shade of lipstick you usually wear that looks awesome on.  Take that shade and stay in that colour family.  Keep in mind that going too dark makes you look washed out in the same way that wearing something too light does as well.  If in doubt go a shade or two darker at the most.  

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Creme, Black Cherry 477, 0.15 Ounce (Pack of 2)