Bow Ties

Bow TieBow Ties have been around for quite a while and are commonly worn with tuxedos at Black Tie and White Tie events.  I will talk about the difference between the two at a later time.

Bow Ties are most commonly made from silk, cotton, or polyester.  The good thing about Bow Ties is that there is really only one way to tie them.  You really cannot get this wrong.  Well, I guess you could, but it would be really hard to get it wrong.  The shape of the Bow Tie when it is not tied may look a little intimidating, but once you know how to tie it you cannot really screw it up.  Most Bow Ties are sold in what is called the Thistle Style.  There really is not any need to know why it is called this, but there you go.  Random trivia for you.  At the right is a fun little graphic that I found on Pinterest about how to tie a Bow Tie.
See, not that hard.  In fact, they are actually easier to tie than a Necktie.
Links to Buy Ties
  • Tie Drake has a amazing selection of ties of all kinds