Starbucks Tiramisu Latte was a Huge Letdown to Me

Tiramisu is my favourite desert!  I love it more than I love Red Velvet Cake and I love that stuff.  In Oklahoma making this delicious Italian desert is sort of a pain unless you have access to an Italian import company or live in one of the state’s two metroplexs or in Krebs where you have international markets.  Krebs, if you don’t know, is an small town in Oklahoma that was settled by Italians and actually has a pretty funny connection to my hometown of Ponca City if you care to look that up.  The reason that you need access to either an Italian import company or an international market is that two of of the main ingredients are hard to find otherwise.  Thankfully, I live where I can get to an international market pretty easily.  By that I mean that I have one international market is down the street and another one about a mile and a half away.  It’s great when you cook as much as I do.  The two ingredients in question are Savoiardi, also called Ladyfinger cookies, and mascarpone.  Savoiardi are not as hard to get a hold of since they are a cookie that you can make yourself if push comes to shove.  It is the mascarpone that is hard to come by.  Only one of the markets have the mascarpone.  For those who don’t know what mascarpone is, it is a soft cream based cheese from Italy.  The recipe for Tiramisu is fairly easy which is why it shocks me that Starbucks managed to mess up making a drink that is supposed to taste like this delicious treat.

Ah yes, one of the new drinks that Starbucks has to offer is the Tiramisu Latte.  I’m sure it would taste great if they used actual mascarpone rather than mascarpone flavouring.  The drink has a really odd flavour to it that I can only imagine is caused by that stuff.  Other than that it is nothing more than your standard latte base and a bit of dark cocoa powder sprinkled on top.  There isn’t anything unusual about it apart from the mascarpone flavouring.  This drink has been the single most disappointing drink that I’ve ever had from Starbucks.  I don’t think it would have been such a disappointment if I wasn’t expecting it to be fantastic like a lot of their other limited edition drinks or my love  of tiramisu.  It was just sort of blah.  I have tried it twice now.  Once at the Starbucks in the city where I live and then once at the Starbucks where I went to college in Edmond, OK while I was there on business.  Both times they tasted pretty much the same.  The one that I had in Edmond had more of a coffee taste to it because they put an extra shot of espresso in it for me.  That extra shot did nothing to mask the blahness of the drink.  Not even the wonderful company that I had while enjoying the drink did nothing to make the experience of drinking the thing any better.  It just provided me with good company to complain to about the drink to for a moment.  Since the drink was kinda bad both times it leads me to believe that it was in fact not just an issue with the baristas and their ability to make the drinks.  The only way that would have happened is if they just taught all the baristas how to make the drink badly.  I don’t think that is the case, it must be the drink itself.  Since the only ingredient in the drink that is different from every other Starbucks espresso based drink is the mascarpone flavouring, I think that must be the culprit that makes this drink bad.

Long story short, the Tiramisu Latte is just bad.  It is one of those drinks that I wouldn’t be sad to see leave their menu.  They could bring back the Dark Cherry Mocha and that would be fantastic.  Put that back in place of this new and disappointing drink.  If Starbucks wants to put tiramisu on their menu so badly, they should just serve the desert itself.  It’s not like they don’t serve deserts and pastries anyway.  That would be a welcomed addition to their menu!  Safe to say that this is one desert that needs to stay on the plate and out of the cup.  Nice try Starbucks, but leave the sweet cheese as it is.