Presentation is Everthing

While I do usually make my food from scratch, I have been known to on occasion use packaged pudding mixes when I have to have something done really fast and then I doctor it until it tastes the same way as my stuff made by scratch.  Usually this is puddings.  Puddings are usually rather difficult to make because there are so many things that can go wrong with them.  When making puddings from scratch you have to get the measurements exact otherwise it will taste bad.  The old saying originating from Cervantes’s novel Don Quixote “the proof of the pudding is in the eating” must be true when it comes to actual pudding because it can look nice, but it may taste bad if you get the ingredients wrong.

However, boxed puddings can be really good since it has the dry IMG_0830pudding ingredients are already pre-measured and you really can’t screw this up.  The best thing is that you can dress them up and you really can’t tell the difference between that and a homemade pudding.  Seriously, check this out.  That is pistachio pudding.  That was made with a boxed mix.  Doesn’t it look pretty!  It didn’t take that long to make either. 

So, what’s the point in making things from scratch if you can make the boxed stuff taste and look just as good?  The point is that it takes less time.  It also takes a bit of effort and fiddling around with what needs to be added in order for it to taste like it was made from a recipe. It also takes quite a bit of time to measure out all the ingredients.  Also, recipes made from scratch tend to take longer to cook than those that come from a box.  Things are odd like that.  

All that being said, what seems to be the important thing is how it is presented.  You can make anything look pretty when it comes to food.  It won’t always taste great, but it will look it.  You can also make great things look great by putting a bit of time into it whether or not you made it from scratch.  Moral of the story:  always take a little time to make your food look good and people will be impressed.