How Old is the Cadbury Confection Company?

I was shopping last night after the movie and you know that it is almost Easter in the States when you find Cadbury Creme Eggs.  It got me thinking that a lot of people just buy them because they are a tasty and think nothing more of it.  The company is older than most people think.  So, exactly how old is the Cadbury Confectionary Company?

The Cadbury Confectionary Company was started by John Cadbury in 1824 in Birmingham, England.  He started out selling tea, coffee, and drinking chocolate.  However, the Cadbury Confectionary Company really took off in 1831 when he started selling numerous drinking chocolates to the upper class because of the high cost of the product.  In 1847 he went into business with his brother Benjamin.  Here is one of the older advertisements that I have seen for any Cadbury product.  This one comes from 1885.

So,  it started out as a company selling drinking chocolates, but when did it start selling actually candy?  Cadbury began selling chocolate bars in 1897.  They were a milk chocolate bar and they still sell those to this day.

There you have it.  The company started out selling premium drinking chocolates and  now they are one of the most recognized brands of chocolate bars and drinking chocolates.  So, just remember the next time that you say the Brits only make bad food, they make Cadbury Creme Eggs and everyone loves those.