Markiplier is Quirky and Delightful

When I think of YouTube folks that I check out their account everyday, only a few come to mind.  One of those is Markiplier.  Now, if you’ve never watched his videos, he does have moments of swearing.  While I’m not one for copious amounts of swearing myself, Markiplier is pretty funny.  That isn’t the only reason that I enjoy his videos.  If you haven’t already checked out his videos, allow me to introduce you to Mr. Markiplier.

For the most part, Markiplier’s channel is full of gaming content.  He does a lot of let’s plays and while I usually don’t enjoy those, Markiplier’s form of let’s plays are more reaction videos than anything else and it is hilarious.  It’s a lot of fun to watch his reactions and honestly, I would not play “Five Nights at Freddy’s”  if I was given the option to.  I am far too jumpy to do it.  However, I can watch him play and not jump during the jump scares because his reactions make it not as frightening.  He does have moments of genuinely being scared during games he’s played.  I don’t blame him the slightest for getting a bit teary in fear while playing Oculus Rift games.  I have actually thrown one across the room out of fear.  Those things can get really frightening because you are so immersed in the game. Markiplier’s reactions make his videos super entertaining regardless of what it’s about.

Markiplier currently has over 7 million subscribers!  There is a reason for that.  Not only does he make fun videos, he actually cares about his fans.   I mean when his fans made a video for him to celebrate his 6 million subscriber mark, he got a little teary about it.  I have never seen another YouTuber show that much emotion about something their fans have done for them.  If you follow him on Instagram, you probably noticed this little gem that he recently posted.

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You Are Important

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Would someone that doesn’t care about their fans post something like that?  Maybe, but probably not as often as he does.  He posts thank you videos for his fans all the time.  He has a lot of support form his fans and he loves them for it.  He is also really charitable.  He donates quite a bit to various charities. 

Markiplier is a quirky man and he has fun with what he does.  He draws his fans in and makes you laugh with him.  He makes me want to go play more games.  So, thank you Mr. Markiplier for all you do for you fan base.  You are a genuinely great guy.  The world needs more of you.