The Wonderful Game of the Pokémon Trading Card Game

I would be lying if I said that I didn’t have any of the Pokémon Trading Card Game cards, Pokémon TCG for short.  I have some back from the first edition of the first set.  I still have them.  Do I IMG_0766play the game though with those cards?  I do!  Just not in tournaments.  I do enjoy it though.  While most people just collect them, there are quite a few that play the card game.  So, what’s so great about the cards?  Glad you asked.  Let’s take a look.

For those of you who believe that the card game is difficult to play, it really isn’t.  There are only three ways to win.  Those ways are: to knock out all of your opponents Pokémon, to draw all of your prize cards, and you win if your opponent cannot draw anymore cards.  This is what a the Pokémon TCG looks like.  Now that you know what it looks like, what are all those stacks?  Thankfully, the Pokémon Wiki has a nice little image of that.  Here you go.

Need an explanation of what those sections are for?  Here is a quick explanation for you all.  Prize cards are the six cards that come off the top of your deck and placed face down before the game even starts.  They are drawn one at a time as you knock out your opponents Pokémon.  Your benched Pokémon can have up to five Pokémon making for a total of six active Pokémon.  They are there for you to move into the active zone upon the previous one being knocked out.  These benched Pokémon can evolve just like the active ones.  Your Active Pokémon are those that are either on your bench, but more specifically it refers to the Pokémon that are in the battle part of the area.  The decks are only aloud to have sixty cards.  It cannot have any more than that and it has to have no less than that.  Finally, is the Discard Pile.  This is exactly what it sounds like.  This is where you put your cards after they have been used.

Thankfully, there are only three types of Pokémon TCG cards to keep track of.  Energy cards, Pokémon cards, and Trainer cards.  Energy cards are attached to your Pokémon.  Each turn you are only allowed to place one energy card on any of your active Pokémon per turn.  However, you should keep in mind that you should only put the max number you will need on each of your Pokémon because if that Pokémon is knocked out, all the energy cards go into the discard pile with it.  Also, switching your active Pokémon for a benched Pokémon can cost some of those energy cards which also go into the discard pile as a retreat cost.  Pokémon cards are your attacking cards.  You have your basic cards such as a Charmander.  You can evolve these the next turn to a Charmeleon which is the “Stage 1” card.  Finally, in this case, you have the “Stage 2” card of Charizard.  Each hard has HP, Health Points, that will be lost depending on the attack damage and weaknesses.  On the right is a Charizard card with all the different parts of the card labeled.  Finally, we have the Trainer cards.  These cards are can allow you to search for much needed cards, make your opponent discard cards, and let you do things you otherwise wouldn’t be able to do. 

If you want to learn how to play for free online you can actually go to the official Pokémon website and get the Pokémon TCG online game for free!  You can also use those code cards that come in decks or the booster packs. 

Whether or not you are playing the card game or just collecting the cards for the sheer purpose of collecting them, it is fun.