It’s Hot Here in August! A Review of “August: Osage County”

Howdy ya’ll!


In January, I went to go see the movie August: Osage County. Honestly, I was not expecting a great deal out of it as I had heard and read some awful review of it. Also, I have read the play for a class and I was not overly impressed with it. So, what made me even kind of want to go see it? Well, it was not the actors or actresses. In fact, the only one that I knew for sure was in it was Bunnyflop Cephalopod… I mean Benedict Cumberbatch. Yes, he is a great actor, but I do not feel the need to watch every damn thing he is in. Unlike some people. It just so happens that he is in The Hobbit movies, Sherlock, and also was in Star Trek. I read and loved The Hobbit when I was in kindergarten, I have loved Sherlock since around the same time, and I have loved Star Trek since before the reboot of the movies. Jeez. Some people. Honestly, you watch a few things with a certain actor in it and everyone things you love them…more on that later.


Anyway, there is only one real reason that I had any interest at all in seeing this film. What is that reason? Well, in case you have forgotten, or just did not know, I am from Oklahoma. It just so happens that most of this movie was filmed in Oklahoma. I took exceptional delight in that. Why? I grew up in the area it was filmed in! I could call them out if I found something that was obviously not filmed here. Amazingly, I could not tell which parts were filmed in California. That is how much was filmed in Oklahoma and how good they were at making the parts that were not filmed here look like they were filmed here! I spent part of my childhood exploring the area between Bartlesville and my hometown of Ponca City. I also have a lot of family in Tulsa and most of my high school band contests were held there. Thanks to my father’s wanderlust being about as bad as mine, I have been down pretty much every highway, main street, dirt road, and interstate in Kay County and Osage County! It is my desire to watch films that were shot in Oklahoma that was the one and only reason that I wanted to see this movie.


Now that we have established why I wanted to see the movie, what did I think of it? All of the swearing and screaming aside, I actually liked it. Of course, you have to keep in mind that it is a black comedy about a dysfunctional family. There are some part that I found pretty relatable. A few years back I lost one of my aunts to cancer and I have another aunt that has cancer. There are days when my aunt just does not feel well and does not want to do anything but stay at home and there are other days when she feels great and wants to go out and have dinner or travel. I get that. It is hard dealing with family members that have cancer, no matter what form of cancer it is, and it is stressful for everyone. I try to visit my aunt as often as I can when I am over in Tulsa and she seems to enjoy when I do.



The part that was interesting for me was getting to see what a dysfunctional family is like. My family is huge! I am not joking about that either. I am the youngest of ten children. Yes, you read that right, I said ten children. I also have a plethora of nieces and nephews. There are also quite a few of my cousins that I am close to as well. Let us just say that my family is really close. With as many of us as there are, we get pretty loud and rambunctious, but in a whole different way than the family from August: Osage County. I mean it seems to have become a Christmas “tradition” that my brothers and brothers-in-law will do a slightly drunken rendition of a pop song; their favorites seem to be the Backstreet Boys songs and Milly Cyrus songs. We never have screaming and yelling arguments though. It was certainly an eye opener for me. I have never experienced that. So, for me at least, it was sort of like a documentary. I actually learned something from watching this movie. I already knew that some people’s families are not the happy-go-lucky-everyone-loves-each-other sort of family that I grew up in. It is just sort of a shock to see dysfunctional family fighting like that played out in front of you. Movie or not, it was eye opening to me.DSCF1261


Now, I mentioned that going into the movie I really did not know who the heck was even in it. I recognized people in it though. Except one. How did I not notice Ewan McGregor? I mean it! I have seen tons of movies with him in it. How did I not notice that he played one of the main characters? I was watching the entire time thinking to myself that that guy looked familiar. Why did I know him? It was freakin’ Ewan McGregor! That is why! Gosh I was so mad at myself for not noticing that until the ending credits. Just goes to show you that he is a really good actor. Bunnyflop Cephalopod Benedict Cumberbatch was pretty easy to notice though. I mean, you cannot really miss him. He has such a…distinct look to him. I do not mean that in a bad way I swear! I think he has a nice æsthetic quality to him. Plus, he has heterochromia iridis, so what’s not to love about the way he looks? Wait! You did not notice that about him? He totally does! Go check out a close up of his eyes. Also, he sings. Just go listen to it. I was not expecting him to actually be able to sing. I just was a bit freaked out at how…um…Oklahoman he sounded…Kudos to Benedict! I was really, really not expecting that at all! Then there is Meryl Streep. Ah Meryl, if I could have anyone for a best friend it would be her. She is crazy and I adore her. She really made the movie. Speaking of actors that can actually sing and sing well, she is one of them. Mama Mia! was a bloody awful movie, but her singing was awesome. Julia Roberts was just, I do not know, to me she was just sort of there. I was just sort of left going, oh, there is Julia Roberts. I forgot she was in this. Meryl just stole the show. I was focused on Meryl most of the time. Of course, she is the real main character of the movie so, no real shock there. I was also focused on, REALLY HOW THE HECK DID I NOT NOTICE EWAN MCGREGOR‽ REALLY! The other actors and actresses were good too. Just Meryl was in it and was amazing as usual.

It being mostly shot in Oklahoma lead to me grinning though the entire movie and, if I had not been in a cinema, I would have probably been the person pointing out that I knew where everything was and had been there. In fact, the pictures in the post are from my most recent adventure with my friend.

Needless to say, I was amazed at how much of the surrounding areas that I recognized. It made the movie fun for me. Overall, it was an awesome movie. I recommend that you go see it as long as you do not mind swearing. It is really good and if you want to glimpse inside what the life of a dysfunctional family is then here you go.

Until next time!